Magic Moments finns nu on line

 Kolla in freestyle vindsurfaren Andre Paskowskis starka kortfilm "Magic moments". Om en knapp vecka släpper han ytterligare en produktion "Rewarded", en dokumentärfilm som handlar om hans gode vän och femfaldige världsmästaren Jose Gollito Estredo.

Rewarded har premiär den 23 oktober.


Magic Moments from Andre Paskowski on Vimeo.

Här är några ord från produktionsbolaget FRUITLOOP PRODUCTIONS:

Andre Paskowski (30) is about to release a new hot windsurfing movie with his newly founded production company FRUITLOOP PRODUCTIONS. Coming out on October 23, 2012 „Rewarded“ is a touching documentation about the moving life of five-times Freestyle World Champion Jose „Gollito“ Estredo (23), showing the the one-of-a-kind passion and committment of Venezuelan-born pro windsurfer, who started sailing at the age of seven on Margarita Island.

Andre Paskowski, well-known for putting together high quality windsurf movies, honors his best friend Gollito with this inimitable film that is both an action packed sports movie and a personal documentary about one of the most progressive windsurfers of our time. „Rewarded“ was filmed at some of the finest freestyle windsurfing spots: Gollito’s home and birthplace El Yaque/Venezuela, Sotavento/ Fuerteventura and Tarifa/Spain. After the movie celebrated it’s world premier during the Reno Windsurf World Cup Sylt it will be released on October 23, 2012.

To announce „Rewarded“ cancer-suffering Andre decided to release a short clip in advance that gives a deep insight into his emotional life. „’Magic Moments’ isn’t a farewell. It’s my message to never give up fighting“, Andre explains from his personal experience. In 2010 the two-times European Freestyle Champion had to put his sportive career on hold since he was diagnosed with cancer. But filming brought a new meaning to his life and so Andre became one of the hot shot producers in the windsurfing movie scene. „Wet and Salty“, „Flashback“ and „Four Dimensions“ are the names of his first remarkable films. The definitive breakthrough was achieved by „Minds Wide Open“ in 2011, which was nominated for participation at the X-Dance Action Sport Film Festival in Salt Lake City / USA.

„Rewarded“ follows the success of „Minds Wide Open“ being nominated for the upcomming X-Dance Action Sport Film Festival at the beginning of November. The 2001 founded Festival is one of the most important events for Action Sports Films, that brought up highlights like „The Art of Flight“ or „That’s it that’s all“. "I am stoked that we achieved this again. Being nominated for the second time, especially as a European, is a great success", says Andre Paskowski happily.

Both films – the short clip „Magic Moments“ and the highlight movie „Rewarded“ – will only be available online. The production costs were merely covered by private financing. Donations would be greatly appreciated to cover the production costs of this and future movies."

Magic Moments hittar du på vimeo.