Fanny Baumann tar nationsplats till OS men får inte åka!

Fanny Baumann är Sveriges bästa surfare i damernas RSX-klass. Hon har kämpat sig fram i en klass där Sverige inte har någon tradition eller förebilder och nu har hon uppnått det första målet sin seglingskarriär, att kvala in Sverige till ett olympiskt spel. 

Tyvärr får Fanny alltså inte chansen att representera Sverige på OS i Rio. SOK:s krav på topp-8 nation vid stora tävlingar var inte inom räckhåll den här gången. Det som är väldigt positivt är att Fanny dels är en fantastisk förebild för kommande talanger inom olympisk vindsurfing men framförallt att hon nu satsar vidare mot Tokyo 2020. 

Så här skriver hon på sin facebooksida, det är både positivt och lite bittert såklart att SOK har de regeler som de har, men framförallt knyter hon näven för att bli ännu bättre mot nästa Olympiad, Lycka Till Fanny!

The results of my Olympic trials are now becoming official. I am super happy to say that I achieved my personal goal and that I was awarded an Olympic spot for my country! It is the first Swedish spot ever taken in my class and the first time Sweden has the opportunity to go to the Olympics in windsurfing in a looong time. I am very proud to create history for the class and to have shown that it is more than possible to be a good windsurfer from Sweden.

I am so grateful to all my family and friends, coaches and training partners who have been making the journey something very special. Also big thanks to my club KSSS and to the Swedish Sailing Federation for your big efforts during the last two years of the campaign, without you it would not have been possible to get this far! Thanks to all my sponsors who have helped with small and big steps towards a better campaign. There are so many people around me who have been doing everything in their power to see me improve and carry on, to them I am eternally grateful.

But I am not going to Rio. Despite that I actually managed to take the national spot without any support from the Swedish Olympic Committee, due to their politics, support is once again not there and they have decided not to include me in the Swedish team. They will reject my Olympic spot so that it will be given to another country. It is not allowed to talk with them but what I've heard is that they wanted me to have better results in the World Championships. Of course it hurts since I know that I could have achieved much better results with more support(a RS:X coach and going to more competitions for example), many things that I just couldn't do on my own even though I was wishing I could.

Even if I have had the time of my life things have often been tough but I know that for the last 4 years I have done everything in my power to follow this road and I have made sure to always see the positive aspects. I am hopeful that from now on SOK will see that if we do this together, there will be no problem to be on whatever level we want. I have worked so hard and during this time I have become a better windsurfer/sailor for sure, but also a better person in many ways. Nobody can take that away from me.

So here I am, more motivated than ever and knowing that I have the talent, the strength, the mind and most importantly the friends to keep doing this with all my heart. I am very excited for the future and I have already taken my first steps on the â€ª#‎TrailToTokyo2020‬, this time we are not starting from 0 anymore. See you there  ;-)