Day 78 : onboard Roxy in the Vendée Globe - Shifting squalls make for exhausting work on Roxy

Hello everyone!

I am writing this as a little squall is passing over Roxy and we are going upwind on starboard. Yesterday was pretty full-on, as I am sailing Roxy at the top of the wind range for the solent. This is perfect sailing, except the fact that all of yesterday morning I had squalls that were shifting the wind quite considerably. This meant I was easing the sails in the gusts as we were being lifted onto a tight reach.

Easing is fine (albeit noisy as the rope creaks on the winch drum), however trimming back on after the shift has returned is a different matter! In these conditions, the sheet load is maximum, and I have to put all my weight on the grinder to get the winch to turn - quite exhausting work!

The conditions are ideal; it is hot, sunny and the sea is turquoise blue - real holiday weather. I'm making the most of it as I imagine things are quite different back at home!

My on-board ‘imp’ has unfortunately been in action again today. My head torch has gone again and this time he has taken my winch grease, AND eaten all the Nutella! I just hope he stays on the windward side when he's not busy stealing things.


S x