WHAT: The 2013 race dates for the Louis Vuitton Cup and Americas Cup Match (Finals) were confirmed today by Regatta Director Iain Murray.

Since 1983, the Louis Vuitton Cup – the Americas Cup Challenger Series – has been held when more than one Challenger is vying for the right to race the Defender for the Americas Cup (as is the case for the 34th Americas Cup). The role of the Louis Vuitton Cup is twofold – not only to select the best Challenger, but also to help prepare that the team to race successfully against the Defender in the Americas Cup Match (Finals).

The winner of the Louis Vuitton Cup will race the Golden Gate Yacht Clubs (GGYC) defending team in the finals, a first-to-win-five (best of nine) race series known as the Americas Cup Match (Finals).


Louis Vuitton Cup: 13 July – 1 September 2013*

America’s Cup Match (Finals): 7-22 September 2013**

WHO: Under the Protocol Governing the Americas Cup, GGYC as the Defending Club has the responsibility to select the dates.

The official notice of these dates to the currently entered six teams, and other prospective teams, from Regatta Director Iain Murray is now available at under the Gallery section.

WHERE: San Francisco Bay

*subject to the final number of Challengers and the precise format of the racing TBD by the Challengers and Regatta Director.

**subject to the whether the Americas Cup Match (Finals) is won in five races, or goes the full nine races.

About the Americas Cup

Nearly 160 years old, the Americas Cup is the oldest trophy in international sport. Initially a one-on-one competition between teams representing foreign yacht clubs, the America’s Cup has evolved into one of the world's leading sporting competitions – featuring the best sailors on the world’s fastest boats – the wing-sailed AC45 and AC72 catamarans. The 34th Americas Cup Finals will be held in San Francisco in the fall of 2013, with the new Americas Cup World Series beginning in 2011. For more information, visit