WSSRC Ratifies Outright World Sailing Speed Record

The World Sailing Speed Record Council has announced the ratification of a new world record for Rob Douglas (USA).
Record: World Sailing Speed Record
Venue: Luderitz, Namibia
Name: Rob Douglas USA
Equipment: Kitesurf. Mike Zajicek custom. Kite Cabrinha Switchblade 9 sqm
Dates: 28 October 2010.
Course length: 501M
Current: Nil
Start time: 14; 10; 25.12
Finish time: 14; 10; 42.62
Elapsed time: 17.50 seconds
Speed: 55.65 knots
Corrected for current: N/A

Comments: Current record: Sebastien Cattalan FRA 55.49 kts, 28 October - 14 minutes earlier.

There are no claims at present to exceed this record.

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