The European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour starts this weekend

As everybody may know, the age of kids in freestyle windsurfing is going down. Kids at the age of 15 or even younger are found on the registration lists for PWA and EFPT events. Going to professional windsurfing events at that young age is quiet an adventure, not only for the riders themselves, but also for their parents or persons taking care of them. Rookies always have a bad seeding which often results in being kicked in the first round by the European or World Champion. So in order to integrate young kids into freestyle windsurfing under professional, yet fair, conditions the European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour enters the stage. This tour is designed for the youngest to get used to competition sailing and give them a place in the windsurfing media. At the end of the season the champion of the KIDS gets a wild card for every EFPT event in the following season, which should give him a better chance to compete with the big guys, and make his way to the top. Step by step to the podiums of professional freestyle windsurfing.