The Art of War

Team Russia - Monday morning, less than 1800 miles to go. Over the weekend Team Russia left the Southern Ocean behind them and are now crashing and banging their way North East through the Trades. It’s a complete white out on deck again, so helmets and goggles are out, but at least the constant spray is of a more pleasant temperature.

Down below things are warming up to, reports navigator Wouter Verbraak today, “A rather annoying non-stop stream of sweat is dripping down from my nose onto the keyboard. There is just no way of stopping it and fortunately the keyboard is waterproof. The constant 25 degrees of heel and the relentless banging is not making my work pace very user friendly either. Thinking about sending in a complaint to the authorities in three fold as soon as we reach land. Reality however is that I will have to spend quite some time down here over the next days, as it is all on with the weather. The Doldrums are shaping up to be a great brainteaser for us navigators as a windless area the size of Spain blocks the direct route to Cochin, India.”