Tense Times

The pressure is still on for the Four Dimensions Team

Having approved the final cut just over a week ago, Andre Paskowski (Fanatic, North) and his team are as nervous as ever about the premiere of their much anticipated film which is to take place at the Colgate World Cup Sylt in only 5 days time!

Andre dropped us a line to tell us what he’s been up to during this last hectic week before the showing.


“After shooting the final footage just 2 weeks ago in Brazil, I had to send 20GB of footage over a frustrating10KB/S line to Sweden. Following this, 9 days ago, I had to drive from Hamburg to Sweden to meet Peter. I found him slumped over his computer looking extremely tired. Somehow he managed to stay awake for almost 3 days solid to finish editing the last part of the movie with me leant over his shoulder.

Then last Monday I had to drive at full speed back to Germany with 3 hard drives to get the movie to a friend of Sebastian’s who’s in charge of converting all of our fully edited files to NTSC. The first results were not what we’d hoped for and so the pressure really started to mount.

Finally last Wednesday, a perfect version of the film arrived at my house and we immediately sent it off to our production company. They needed a few days to produce all of the copies and print the cover etc. So with the rest out of our hands, myself, Gollito (Fanatic, North), my Mother & Father, and Gunnar Asmussen drove to Lake Garda to compete in the Ion Man Award. This was a really fun event which we led for the first half of the contest, but in the end only managed 3rd.

Anyway... More important was Saturday for me. After 9 months of hard work, stress and all the good and bad moments, we had a little Sneak Preview of the film in Torbole. It was a great test for Sylt, and now I know for sure that I’m going to be very nervous and extremely emotional at the premiere. Around 200 people saw the sneak preview and seemed to love it which has helped me to release some pressure.

Now, after returning to Hamburg last night we expect the copies to arrive on Wednesday. We will then be able to ship the movie to all to all of the shops and to anyone that has placed a pre-order! The plan after that is for, Gollito, Antxon Otaegul (JP, NeilPryde), and myself to drive to Sylt where we will compete in the PWA event.

The pressure will really be on us there on the 26.09.09 & 02.10.09 at the big premiere inside the Kinowelten Cinema in Westerland. I am looking forward to it, so get your tickets now!”