Svenskt silver i wakeskate VM

The WWA Wakeboard and Wakeskate World Championships 2009 was a four-day long event featuring pro and amateur wakeboarders and wakeskaters from around the world, competing for world titles in 20 different divisions. The event this year was held at the Orlando Watersports Complex in Orlando, Florida on August 27-30, 2009.

Competing in the Pro Women Wakeskate division were five female wakeskaters; Jen Gilan Farr, Bethany Henderson, Brittany Fletcher, Hanh Williams all representing the US, and Michaela de Waern representing Sweden.

The qualifying round was held on Saturday with Jen GilanFarr taking 1st, Michaela de Waern 2nd, Bethany Henderson 3rd, Brittany Fletcher 4th and Hanh Williams 5th. The top three riders advanced to the final held on Sunday.

The results from the qualifying heat were sustained throughout the final with Jen Gilan Farr winning with a run consisting of high-enders such as a grabbed wake jump, a wake-to- wake 180 and a pop shuvit. Michaela de Waern came in second with a wake jump, a frontside boardslide shuvit out and a pop shuvit, and Bethany Henderson came in third with a wake jump, a pop shuvit and a backside ollie 180.

Video from the final runs and the podium for the Pro Women Wakeskate:

For complete results, check out: