Surfare nockad medvetslös av gigantisk val!

Bishan Rajapakse var ute och surfade med sin polare utanför Bondi Beach i Australien när en 15 meter lång knölval plötsligt attackerade dem. Bishan nockades medvetslös och ligger nu på sjukhus men skall ha klarat sig med endast lindriga skador.

"I saw a huge black shadow underneath the water and at that moment the whale breached and it was an amazing, amazing sight. This whale was magnificent, it was so curious and inquisitive", says Rajapakse.

"She came back and was coming directly towards me, but quite elegantly and gracefully, and I was just mesmerized by this whale and talking to it like you'd talk to a nice dog or something".

"I said, 'Oh hello, how's it going?' At that point I thought, 'Let's just take a chance and see how it goes.' I was like a stunned mullet."