Still Standing

TEAM RUSSIA - Sails hang wilting; just gravity fills their huge wind catching wings. Like the intricate lines on a fingerprint the load threads are complex and technical. The sails high load reinforcement, strength and intelligent design are redundant now, as a bunch of bed sheets, sewn randomly together would do a comparable job in this windless sea. The Keel is canted to leeward healing the boat over, any thing to help the sails to fill with some kind of shape and form. I half expect a dank mist to role in and a menacing black crow flap onto our port spreader to watch the scene unfold.

The hardest pill to swallow is knowing that while we sit glued to the spot the other boats are flying towards the finish. Miles are opening up between us with every passing minute.

I am painting a pretty gloomy picture but as professional sailors they know that with the good times can come the bad. I can’t spin the happy story all the time. In every race there is a winner and a loser. Every boat has a story to tell, passionate emotions and lessons learnt. The most important principle to remember here is that through hardship and set back we shall become stronger. You can’t keep good men down for long.