Practice day weather

A gentle sea breeze introduction to the Barcelona Race course is on the menu for today's practice race.

As expected Practice Race day for the TP52's looks set to have just gentle sea breeze conditions with no more than 10-11 knots expected through the afternoon.
The programme runs to the normal format with two practice starts for the 11 TP52's followed by the race start. Around the scheduled start time the forecasts suggests there will be around 4-8knots from the SE to S veering progreesively through the day. By 1500hrs it could be up to 11kts before it starts to drop and back as the afternoon goes on.

11:00    03-07kts    220-240    Sea breeze starting to fill in, more pressure offshore
12:00    04-08kts    170-200    Right bend along the coast, sea breeze developing but more press offshore
13:00    04-08kts    150-180    Same pressure, starting to shift right and bending right
14:00    05-09kts    160-190    Same trend, lighter at the shore but right bend
15:00    07-11kts    170-190    Wind shifting further right, more even, still strong right bend
16:00    06-10kts    170-190    Pressure dropping a bit, still bending right
17:00    04-07kts    140-180    Pressure dropping and backing
18:00    04-07kts    130-150    Pressure dropping and backing