PKRA Freestyle and Wave rankings points to reverted to standard point system

During the PKRA Germany event last week the riders met with IKA Executive Secretary, Markus Schwendtner, and PKRA tour manager Mauricio Toscano and requested by unanimous vote to revert the freestyle and wave ranking point system to the traditional point system as it is easier to understand and points for competitions can be estimated in advance, independent from the number of riders participating.

Also during this meeting it has been discussed that there is no need for an overall ranking and that it is the riders unanimous  wish to drop such ranking with immediate effect.

The meeting was a great success and it was determined that for the freestyle and wave disciplines the top riders competing at the highest level, and therefore the riders competing at the PKRA tour, will continue to be the driving force behind the freestyle and wave competition rules.

PKRA Freestyle and Wave ranking system:
Full Freestyle events, Prize money 40,000 – Factor 8.

Place Points
1 1000
2 885
3 790
4 710
5 650
6 610
7 585
9 530
13 485
17 440
25 400
32 360

Factor 7 – (27,000 to 34,999) Multiply by 87.5%
Factor 6 – (21,000 to 26,999) Multiply by 75%
Factor 5 – ( 15,000 to 20,999) Multiply by 62.5%
Factor 4 – (10,000, to 14,999) Multiply by 50%

The PKRA 2011 objective is to return to all freestyle events to factor 8 and all wave events to factor 5.