Nytt fartrekord i vindsurfing, 50,51 knop!

Jurjen van der Noord har precis slagit världsrekordet i vindsurfing. Under den 500m långa sträckan uppmättes en toppfart på 50,51 knop. Det var utanför Oosterland i Holland som Jurjen krossade det gamla rekordet på 48,4 knop.

"As I parked the car the wind had already picked up. On the dike we measured 35 knots, gusting 43 knots. I already knew this could be a very good day so I took my time to rig my gear as good as possible", explained Jurjen van der Noord.

"My first two runs in 10 seconds were both in the 82 km/h mark. Nice peak speeds, but the runs weren't good enough. Jacques told me he was doing 87 km/h runs, at that time. After that, my runs became much faster. Thanks Jacques!", reveals Jurjen.


"I used the last bit of energy I had left to do two more good runs. And yes, I made two more good runs with a very good peak of 50,51 knots".