Mera Optimist VM, fyra seglingar genomförda idag

Optimisterna kämpar vidare i Napier Nya Zealand. Idag var det mer vind än igår då endast en segling kunde genomföras. Svenskarna hade blandade resultat med Emil Järudd som bästa svensk på 41.a plats. Olivia Bergström är näst bäst av svenskorna på 56:e plats(sjätte tjej).

Holland toppar listan efter dag två.

"You could hear a sigh of relief when all 210 competitors got up this morning: the sun was out, and there was a bit of a breeze. During the day, the wind changed and the clouds came back in, but at least the rain held off.

The race committee decided early on to try and get four races completed today in order to catch up with yesterday's delays and abandonment of the second race.

First race started at 10.25am with only 6 knots breeze. Later in the day, the wind got up to 20 knots, but was not staying around for long. A few of the flights had to be abandoned, but overall the race committee is pleased to have called four races for each of the three fleets.

Provisional results after five races show Bart Lambriex from the Netherlands placed first, Wade Waddell from the USA is placed second and Philip Meijer also from the Netherlands is placed third.

Ryan Lo who was in second place yesterday, holds the fourth position.

Best New Zealand sailor is Leonard Takahasi-Fry, who is now in sixth position, climbing from 23rd yesterday.

It was a long but very good day for sailing. Sailors left the harbour at 9.30am to start the first race at 10.25am and returned around 5pm."