Koster Windsurfer of the Year

German Action Sports Awards name Philip Koster Windsurfer of the Year 2010

At just sixteen years old, Philip Koster (Starboard / NeilPryde / Dakine) continues to blaze his own unique trail through the windsurfing world. After being named the PWA’s Rookie of the Year in 2008, Koster has now been awarded the World Windsurfer of the Year 2010 by the German Action Sports Awards.

Koster was nominated for the award by an expert panel from within Germany’s windsurfing industry, and subsequently named Windsurfer of the Year as a result of a public ballot.

In an Interview with windsurfing.nl, Koster commented:

Q: I don't think it is going to take long for you to become reigning wave world champion. Have you given it any thought what you will be doing after that; is there anything bigger than that?

 Well first of all, I will have to earn that title, and with the current competition, I'm hoping it is going to happen one of these years. But after that I'd like to learn about shaping and develop a little more in that direction. I also want to give the sport my little signature by inventing new moves and perhaps continue to do a movie project every now and then. Coming to think of it, I can't really see what the sport can offer me in addition to where I've gotten so far. It's a journey.

Q: You pretty much grew up in the industry, how do you think the sport is going to develop the next couple of years?


I'm foreseeing another boom in windsurfing, and the material will continue to evolve beyond what it is today.

Q: Gran Canaria has some hostile spots, no doubt, but people say that it's mostly ramps and no tubes. What do you feel about places like Cabo Verde, Tahiti or Hawaii?


All those spots are great because they're so different and I can use a range of different boards to ride them. I love riding them just as much as jumping off them, and every singe spot has its secrets. This is one of the things I really like about our sport as a whole; there is so much out there and I want to be able to windsurf at a consistent level anywhere in there world.

Q: Smooth waters, and great wind. What do you prefer; a Flare or an iSonic?


 I try to ride both on days like that. I love freestyle, but slalom is all about going faster and faster, which is awesome too.

Q: Who's your favourite surfing buddy after all this time?


 Over here in Vargas it's pretty much all my friends, but in Maui and Australia it's gotta be Boujmaa, Scotty or Kauli.

Q: In your experience, what jump has the biggest risk to get hurt badly?


So far any jump with a combination in it, like a pushloop forward, has the potential to end seriously bad.