Inteview Andre Paskowski

FD Team: Andre were are you at the moment?
Andre Paskowski: I am right now sitting in my apartment in Alacati. I just
came from Crete were we had the last EFPT Event.

FD Team: How did the Event go for you?
Andre Paskowski: It was a really hard Event for every sailor. We made 2
doubles in 2.5 days. Thats a record. We also found in Palekastro really
testing conditions. We had wind from 12 knots on the first day up to over 40
knots on the finals of the last day. I am quite happy with a 2nd place. I
could prove that i am still up there with all the boys. For a little moment i
had maybe the chance to even look for the top spot but 2nd is ok.
FD Team: Tell us what you did the last couple of months and what you will do
upcoming months.
Andre Paskowski: Thats a long list. I trained in Brasil and El Yaque during
winter. I went then to Maui to film for our new DVD project. I came back in
April to start a trip around Europe with 3 Brazilian Riders. We first went to
Sardinia to train then to Austria to compete, and then straight to Dahab for
filming, training and photo shoot. At the end of Mai we came back and had a
little visit on the Surf Festival and after we again went to Sardinia to train
and compete on the first real EFPT Event (i came 3rd). From there I went to
Lefkada for the 2nd Event (again 3rd Place) then straight to Crete (2nd place)
and straight on to Alacati. All this with a Car ­ i made around 11000.

Kilometres since 16 of April!!! I go back to Hamburg the 23 of June then I
go to Canary Islands for 2 Freestyle World Cups and filming. After that I
go to Brasil to film our last freestyle part. Then we have 2 more EFPT Events,
World Cup Sylt, the final Production of the DVD and some realise parties. It is
all a bit crazy this year ;).

FD Team: Tell us something about the DVD Project. What we can expect?
Andre Paskowski: Well we actually just thought about a really perfect Online
Movie in the beginning of the brainstorming. Then we went on and on and the
project went bigger and bigger. Now it is a full scale movie production. It is
great fun to work with a young team. The riders (Brawzinho, Victor & Gollito)
are super motivated, and push on the water every time we film. Also working
with film directors like Peter Svensson and Sebastian Dörr will push the
quality of the movie alot. We did invest quite a lot of money and time to
really make sure to make a HIGH class movie. We invested in Cameras,
Helicopters, Diving Hours, Camera Crans, Dolly Systems, etc.
I dont want to tell to much but i am sure that we will see exceptional action,
conditions, editing and filming.
FD Team: Why do you invest  time and money into a new product when everybody
else is stopping investments because of selling problems and global finacial
Andre Paskowski: Mhm... Maybe i should thought about that. No. We want to
present a new movie on a top high level. To present a good product, the time
is always right! I think it is a big risk that people stop their investments.
If i watch Snowboarding or Surfing then i see lots of Image Movies on high
level with hugh costs. Windsurfing is a great sport which offers lots of
action and nice images... So we need movies and ideas which present
Windsurfing in a nice, high class and professional way!

FD Team: What your sponsors say about your ³on land² work. Would they not like
to see you on position number one instead of behind the PC?
Andre Paskowski: Well... I think about this topic alot of times and i try to
find the right mix. Actually... In the Beginning of the year i am thinking of
what really gives a perfect feedback to my sponsors. Of course results count
big time and i am still up there with a 2nd place. But i think that my ³on
Land² work is almost more important to each of my Sponsors. Anyway i dont want
to say what is worth more or not. I like to do all and try to do that the best
i can.

Andre is sponsored by Fanatic, North, Ion, Oxbow, Powerbar, Smith, Windjeri

Four Dimensions Video
Supported by Pousada Windjeri
Additional Support by: Fanatic, North, Oxbow, Ion, Smith, Powerbar, Chiemsee,
Rene Egli Pro Center

Produced by: Andre Paskowski
Edited by: Peter Svensson, Sebastian Dörr
Riders: Victor Fernandez, Marcilio Browne, Gollito Estredo, Andre Paskowski