Fuerteventura Grand Slam - Women's Freestyle Cancelled

Unfortunately, the economic crisis in Spain has taken its toll on the  
Fuerteventura Grand Slam. Despite previous commitments made, the
government has been forced to withdraw some of the support that it
had committed to, meaning that some aspects of the event will be

The IKA Kite and ISWC Windsurfing Speed World Championships have been
cancelled which will be a big blow to the event, but unfortunately,
in order to cut costs further, the Organizers have also been forced
to cancel the PWA Women’s Freestyle.

These decisions have been taken reluctantly to try to preserve the
long term future of the event itself, in the face of massive spending
cuts within Spain.

The event will continue with men’s Slalom and men’s Freestyle as
planned for 2010, but we fully expect the remaining aspects of the
event to return for future years.

We know that this will be a great disappointment to the girls, but we
hope to be able to bring you more positive news concerning women’s
events soon.