Fanatic - SUP line Fly 2010

A couple of seasons careful research and thorough testing in the 
background gave birth to three super Fly SUP shapes.Designed mainly
with surfing performance in mind, these beautifully compact boards
have waveriding rocker lines, yet their harmonic volume placement
and plan shapes allow for super fun core workouts on flat-water and
lakes. As an added bonus all three styles come with windsurfing rig
mast-tracks to widen their all-round and family range of use.With
two models for any level of rider and one advanced shape, you’ll be
stoked on surfing whenever the wind fails to howl. To suit everyone’s
taste we’re offering two constructions - either durable High Resistance
Skin (HRS), or stylish Wood Sandwich finishes. Both lay-ups come with
snug and trusty Softdeck non-slip pads. All models should be available
in August.

Fly 9’ 6” WE

Shoot down the line for a pure top-to-bottom surfing sensation. The 9’6”
drives off the tail and winds up speed with a racy thruster fin set-up.
Let speed be your friend with a flat section into pronounced Tail V for
either tight pocket carving, or more powerful drawnout lines. Although
designed for more advanced riders, the fishtail shape gives both acceleration
and wave-catching lift to intermediates. And thanks to our CAD-engineered
volume flow and flat deck, you’ll gain stability and glide where other
shorter, highperformance boards demand more balance and paddling skill.
The 9’ 6” is available in only our top-end Wood Sandwich Construction
with Softdeck for a stylishly high-tech yet retro look.

Fly 10’ 0” WE & HRS

For lighter and middleweight riders, the Fly 10’ 0” is perfect for first
waves through to charging big surf. A classic pintail shape guarantees
performance and speed, while the lower entry rocker line means you’ll
never miss a wave. With a speedy flat spot in front of plenty of V in
the tail, this 10-footer feels loose for vertical control and power.
A tri fin cluster gives further options for driveand tracking in
almost any water state. Available in either High Resistance Skin (HRS)
or high-spec Wood Sandwich Constructions – both featuring Softdeck
non-slip pad.

Fly 10’ 6” WE & HRS

A board for a lifetime of surfing. Heavier riders or those who want
a board for all conditions will fall in love with this time less
thruster shape. Soft rails up front and sharper edges in the tail
give the grip and feel of a smaller board with all the grace and
glide of the ancient Hawaiians. Thanks to a flatter nose rocker
and more pronounced curve in the tail, you gain easy paddling
and turning ability for effortless, cruisy rides. A flat deck
and volume out wide mean there’s balanceand stability galore.
A whole new world of fitness and adventure awaits as you explore
rivers and creeks, enjoy long distance paddles, or just splashing
around on your local lake. What greater way to share the joy of
surfing with family,friends and beginners? Choose from lightweight
Wood Sandwich or durable HRS constructions, with both models sporting
comfy slip-free Softdeck.

Our exciting new SUP range is further complimented by a complete