Dialled Dany Style

Dany Bruch has unleashed a new video showing him fully dialled in to his new boards.

With all the speculation of who'll be standing tall on the podium at the upcoming Pozo World Cup, it's probably worth checking out this video HERE of top PWA port tack wave sensation, Dany Bruch (Patrik, Severne).

Armed with his new set of Patrik Diethelm boards, he looks like a strong contender. With this in mind, we caught up with Bruch to quiz him about his new rides.

PWA: How did your new sponsorship deal come about with Patrik?

DB: "It all happened in Western Australia. Patrik gave me one of his boards to try and after that I just couldn't imagine sailing on any other board. I found out that he was setting up a new brand and knew that I had to be part of it. So I pushed hard for it and here I am, stoked that I made it!"

PWA: Explain the trailer fin concept?

DB: "The trailer fin is coming from the surfing scene and is, in my opinion, in windsurfing a small revolution. It basically allows you to trim your board for any conditions by just changing the set up of the fins. That means that you can use it as a super loose twinser, with only the 2 fins in front of the boxes, more for smaller waves. Then for bigger waves, when you need more drive and control, you use the trailer fin. It allows you to turn quick from rail to rail like a twinser, keep the control of hard top turns, and it also maintains the drive in longer more drawn out turns, something that you miss on most twiners. The boards feel really small and compact on the wave, making it all really easy, more like a skate board, giving you the feeling that you can push things to the limit. It also slides well on a top turn if you put the pressure on it, but it doesn't loose control. Then, if conditions are more side on jumping, the single fin is a great option to have too!" 

PWA: So they perform well in anything from big down the line days to small cross on right?

DB: "Yeah, that's the good thing, you can use them in all conditions! Just by playing a bit with the fins you will have great results and no limits, perfect to go to any spot without having to change the board!"

PWA: Judging by the video it doesn't look like it's taken you very long to get dialled in to the new boards?

DB: "That has been the most amazing thing, I got used to them straight away. In WA when Patrik gave me his boards for an evening session it immediately felt like it was made for me. Also, I have given some of the boards to a few mates on the beach to try and they just could not believe how quickly they got used to it and how easy everything felt. One mate said, he stood on it and immediately felt comfortable - they love them!"

PWA: What size board do you use with which sails?

DB: "I'm using the 85L from 5.8 down to 5.0 and the 78L from 4.7 down to 3.7. The 72L I don't really use, as I don't really like using small boards anymore. I always prefer to have enough volume to not suffer when you make mistakes or when the wind is down for a while. I also weigh 85 kg which probably has something to do with it too!!!"

PWA: Do you think these new boards will help you reach the next level in competition? ie back on to the podium like when you previously rode Diethelm shapes with F2?

DB: "They'll definitely help me to do well in competition and it's the first time really that I have the boards I want, so let's see how it goes…"

PWA: Where are you aiming to finish in competition this year?

DB: "Things are hard, everyone is training a lot to do well this year, and the level is through the roof right now. I'll give it my best shot to hopefully end up in the top 5 overall!"

PWA: Lastly, have you got any exciting trips planned?

DB: "I've got a couple of places in mind, but nothing I can mention yet... I'll keep you all up to speed as things unfold!"