Davy´s tour story

By mid October the EFPT was asking all their friends to give us some short statements about how it was to be on tour with the dominator and EFPT champion Steven van Broeckhoven. We did recieve a lot, but here is a special one from Steven`s good friend Davy Scheffers. We put the mail online as it came to our office, great fun to read!

Yoo Dominique,


I remember that I recieved an e-mail that the efpt wants some stories about the competition with Steven (van Broeckhoven; editor`s note) in the efpt09. I didn`t find my mail back but here is a kind of short information/story.


It was quit interesting to compete with Steven. Not only because I was always sailing with him on my homespot Brouwersdam in the Netherlands, he also was a hero for me on the local waters, a friend, and beside that I was also travelling together with him the whole tour.

We started together with the trip at the house of Steven in Lommel ( Belgium ), The plan was to do the hole tour together like friends for the fun but also because its a lot cheaper if you can share the expensive gas prices.

We drove through Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Italy up to the harbour city Genova. Here we took the ferry to Sardegna where we had the first efpt stop of the year, after the oldskool freestyle classics. Me and Steven where ready to get a good result. The whole time stuck in the car we were talking about the competition because for me it was the first time that I did the whole tour, and for Steven actually the 2nd time, but beside we also talked about the fun of the whole thing. But don`t worry! we didn't talk all the time only about surfing. We talked a lot about girls!!!!!. Maybe even more than about windsurfing:D.. When we arrived on Sardegna I was sharing a room with Steven, so we where not only friends, homespot mates, travel mates, now also room mates... We both like to give a good performance for the crowd and to see the people smiling on the beach and we both sailed in every little gust in Porto Pollo.., In the competition we did both really well, and on the end we saw each other in the final!!!> for me it was a dream to sail with a friend and travelmate in the final!!!.. Steven was sailing really sick in the final and was totally too good for me hahhaha!!!> Nevertheless I was totally in the sky dreaming about the 2nd place!!

It was a good start of the tour for both of us, and the goal was to go for the top 2 every competition. We took the ferry to Civitavecchia and than drove to Ancona. Here we took again the ferry to go to Igoumenitsa, and from another car ride to Lefkada for the 2nd stop of the tour.!!!. Again we talked a lot about girls and windsurfing to get the time flying.  Anyway. We where even more full power than in Sardegna. We arrived the morning of the competition. Rigged all the sails, and were ready to kick some more ass on Milos beach!!!>. When they finally blew the horn of the red flag after a few days and nights we were together in Stevens van, we where so ready. Steven and I where pushing each other for the 2nd time pricemoney and trophy on the efpt09. We had some feedback and push-up from our friend Maarten van Ochten and everything turned out fine. I was sailing really well and didn't really look to Steven. I would make the final anyway doing my own competition and after we were looking at the scoreboard, we sas that it was again Holland - Belgium, travelmates, roommates, and friends against each other. But..., Steven won again..

I was still happy with Steven. After a good night and saying sleep well to our trophies we drove to Athens on a chaotic road to catch the ferry to Crete. Again we were talking a lot about girls and windsurfing. Everytime more and more about the girls and less about windsurfing. ( I think because of Maarten van Ochten was in the bus now.. He was the main problem of the girl virus I think!!! )

Some other riders where also actually travelling on the same time and road's, so we where not the whole time sitting on each others faces...

In Crete Steven, Maarten and me where again in the same room and had a good time together.. We sailed again full power to get a resulst as high as possible. Unfortunately it was not my best score, Because I had a hard time with the small sails after 5 months:D, But for Maarten it was a better event and I wished him all the best. Maarten kicked my ass and he became 5th. And Steven again. ..... 1st.!! Sick DUDE!!!

We made a sick party all together with the riders and the organisers.

Me and Steven dropped Maarten on the airport because he needed to go back to school again.

And we took the midday the ferry back to athens, and from athens we took the ferry to Chios. To go on the ferry to Cesme for the Alacati competition. But before that. It was time for Gyros and a city tour with the best and fastest guide of the whole world. Our canadian professor Phil (Soltysiak; editor`s note)

In turkey it was time to do a better competition than before. Me and Steven where again in the same room. But sharing now with some other good friends to.. We made our way to the half finals. I became 4th and Steven was sailing again really sick.. sick Burners, Toad's.., some nice Kono's. And good Culo's even without wind.

Something to work on this winter!!!!!! We had now a really long road back home. After 10 ferries and a lot of hours in the car. And on the end 14 hours non-stop. With only one nice Mc drive.

And believe it or not. We were talking even about the situation. But we only talked about girls. The whole 14 hours road. We didn`t think about windsurfing. !!!!

Me and Steven did also together the PWA on Fuerteventura, and again we both had a good result. Steven was sailing all the time really solid. After we also where going together with Dieter v.d. Eyken to the final stop of the efpt09 ,the prince of the wind on Naxos. For me it was not the best competition. After less sailing in Holland, a lot in high wind. I had some problems with the light conditions but also with my motivation and arousal. But Steven did again!!!!!!.. A super sick competition, and won again after also 14 heats against Paskowski or something the title. He is now the european freestyle champion of 2009!!!> And he deserves it. A really nice and solid year for him and he really wanted to go over the limit. Pushing everything over the limit and I think he also learned a lot. A nice person, and good to make jokes with. But one thing is sure... He needs to train this winter really hard. Because I will try to kick his ass next year..;)