Dane Reynolds’ Fiberglass Secrets by STAB

SYDNEY, New South Wales/Australia - Dane Reynolds (USA), 25, is without question one of the most progressive surfing masterminds on the planet, and with all of his high-flying antics, the Californian must be boosting on some feather-light shred sticks, right? Nope! According to the folks at Channel Islands Surfboards, Mr. Reynolds has the same fiberglass craftsmanship under his feet as the average Joe riding a high-performance shortie. STAB Mag asked Dane about his boards as well as the guys at C.I. Surfboards. This… is their story…

Fact: Pro surfers ride light boards. Where glass jobs are concerned, longevity is sacrificed for performance. Dane Reynolds however, ain’t like most pros. According to Zoc Zorica of Channel Islands, Dane rides the same sort of glass jobs as the ones rolled out the door to daily to surfers like you and I. As Zoc says: “Dane rides with two layers of four ounce glass on the deck and a four ounce on the bottom. It’s pretty average.”