The Nacra 2010 International Championship crowned
its new champions. The final two races were sailed in wild conditions
off the Texel beach in the Netherlands, which caused lots of capsizes
and an exciting battle for the remaining competitors. Gunnar Larsen and
Jeroen van Leeuwen pushed the accelerator once more and won the
Infusion title with a nine points lead. Peter Vink and Pom Green showed
the same supremacy in the Nacra carbon 20 class. Skotnicki and Kleijweg
regained the first position and won convincingly with a gap of 11

'We are very happy", said Gunnar Larsen back on the beach. They came in
early, as they did not have to race anymore. The overall win was
already in the pocket. 'It is a great feeling, knowing that four teams
of the top ten at the 2009 F18 Worlds were here. It was a competitive
fleet." Jeroen van Leeuwen continues: 'I think we had less pressure on
the shoulders. This is an important step towards the 2010 F18 Worlds in

'Like a game boy'
This week, the Dutch duo performed strongly in the big breeze. Larsen:
'But that is not our specialty. We are pretty all-round. But of course
we feel comfortable about the weather forecast for Saturday. The boat
is like a game boy to us. You just have to press the right buttons."

Mixed feelings for De Koning/Visser
After a long de-briefing yesterday, Coen de Koning and Thijs Visser
from the Netherlands started off freshly this morning. They took the
first bullet with quite some distance to the overall winners Larsen/Van
Leeuwen. 'That was very chill", said the twofold F18 World Champion.
They were pushing hard in the second race as well, until they pitch
poled. The trapeze wire broke, so they abandoned racing. De Koning: 'We
have mixed feelings. At one side, we sailed much better than yesterday,
but on the other hand we had to limp back to beach. That's a pity."
They finished second overall.

Sach brothers hold on to bronze
Despite their lack of weight in the big breeze, the German Sach
brothers managed to hold on to their third place. 'Especially in the
morning its was hard. On the downwind, we dropped back from the first
to the sixth position. It would have been good the have ten extra
kilograms. But we did well in the heavy conditions." Although they have
more chances in the light breeze, Helge and Christian Sach are looking
forward to strong winds on Saturday for the Zwitserleven Round Texel
Race. 'We haven't had those circumstances often this season, so that
would be a good training for the F18 Worlds in France."

Vincent Huntelman and Herwin van der Kamp finished on equal points with
the Germans. They missed out on the podium spot, because the Sach
brothers scored one more third than the Dutchmen.

Event organizer Xander Pols (NED) was a happy man after a challenging
series of Nacra races: 'The atmosphere was nice, the food was tasty and
the competition was exciting. The race committee did a good job. It
wasn't easy to lay a course in these conditions with a big swell,
strong current and more than 20 knots of wind. So, a big thank you to
our race officer Rob Hoogstra and his crew."

Top five Nacra Infusion after 10 races and two discards:

1. NED, Larsen/Van Leeuwen, 11 points
2. NED, De Koning/Visser, 20 points
3. GER, Sach/Sach, 30 points
4. NED, Huntelman/Van der Kamp, 30 points
5. AUS, Guinea/Richardson, 40 points

Top three Open class after 10 races and two discards:

1. NED, Skotnicki/Kleijweg, 10 points
2. ISR, Leshed/Oded, 21 points
3. NED, Meermans/Brommer, 26 points

Top three Nacra carbon 20:

1. NED, Vink/Green, 8 points
2. NED, Bouscholte/Bouscholte, 17 points
3. NED, Van der Plas/Pool, 35 points

In the afternoon, the Zwitserleven Sailing Week 2010 continued with the
first races of the Open Dutch Championship Cat Sailing.

The Nacra 2010 Int. Championship was made possible by the following
partners: Zwitserleven, Sapph, Nacra Sailing Int.,, TNG
Watches, Pega, GGN,, ultrasun, Boskalis, KS Tools,
Maasstad Ziekenhuis, Schouwstra Transport BV, KZV Westerslag and the
Royal Netherlands Sailing Association.