Big Scores and Great Waves on Day 4 of Maresia Surf International

FLORIANOPOLIS, Santa Catarina - The beautiful Mole Beach of Florianopolis presented clean and perfect waves of two-to-four foot (0.5 to 1.5 meter) and offshore winds for the fourth day of the ASP WQS 6-Star Maresia Surf International, the crowd witnessed some intense action with several big scores being posted on this Friday.

The record of the day and the event so far was the young Brazilian Gabriel Medina (15), who took control of his heat to finish with 18.27 points (out a possible of 20), after taking two impressive waves of 9.57 and a 9.10.

Medina ripped with two aerials in just one wave (9.57) and a great barrel (9.10) in another one and was very happy with his result.

"I’m stoked to have found those waves," Medina said. "I handled well, showed my surfing. I’m proud to have taken two scores over 9 points in the WQS, and I just have to thank God for being in the right place at right time. It is a pleasure all this and I’m super happy to be here."

Other contest standout surfers for the day were rising and talented Brazilians young surfers Miguel Pupo (17) and Jadson Andre (19) completing the young-gun leading pack at Maresia Surf International. Andre, who can reach the leadership of 2009 ASP Men’s WQS ranking, was on fire.

"Today is the best day of competition with no doubt," Andre said. "The waves are better than other days, which helps us to show our surfing. I put it very well, just got two waves at the start and finished in a good position. I always seek for the best possible result, and I will do everything to reach the top. Adam Melling is surfing really well, but he lost and now I have my chance."

The only surfer from Hawaii in the Maresia Surf International, Dusty Payne (20), came to Brazil to try enter the zone of qualification to the ASP Dream Tour.

“I feel alright," Payne said. "I just got lucky, founded a little right, but it’s a long way to go. A lot of heats to surf, but its always good to surf well and move on."

While the Hawaiians still struggle to enter the Top 15 zone, the American Tanner Gudauskas (21) has joined the group of the top 5 of the ASP WQS. On Sunday, he won an ASP WQS 6-Star event in South Africa and today he advanced to the Round of 24 best surfers at Maresia Surf International.

“The guy in the black (Gabriel Medina) was ripping, getting all the good ones, and I just get lucky kicking waves and working hard," Gudauskas said. "I’m very happy. Today is the best day so farT the waves are super fun, with some nice barrels and great aerials. I’m stoked.

The french surfer Joan Duru was another surfer who was in his best form in the waves of Mole Beach, he won the two heats that he disputed on another beatiful day at Florianopolis.

“I’m very happy," Duru said. "The waves are good, my board is working really well and I feel glad with my surfing today, this place is great."

Australian Jarrad Howse was another International surfer who advanced to the next rounds of the Maresia Surf International.

“I’m really happy," Howse said. "I managed a 5.9 and another wave around 7 points, so It’s good to make this round and I expect to surf good tomorrow. This year I’m just really enjoying myself. I have got a more clear head and a better approach, so definitely, I want to be on the World Tour in 2010."