Shawna Cropass Aloha Windsurfing Clinics and Tatiana Howards Butterfly Effects come together to create a unique womens only windsurfing instructional and SUP fitness event the week prior to the Maui and Fiji Butterfly Effect. There is a whole new breed of women who maintain well being, fitness and lifestyle solely devoted to the ocean. They are Waterwomen who have traded in all social norms for fins, boards and ocean time. Shawna and Tatiana are combining their coaching and ocean skills along with their personal philosophies... Aloha spirit speaks of joyful openness, sharing and ‘accomplishing goals to achieve any state of mind or body that you desire in the present moment.’ The Butterfly Effect encourages us to have a positive result or change of something in our own lives which ripples and reaches out to others. The combination of the Aloha Clinics’ and The Butterfly Effects’ goals extend out in order to exchange Shawna’s and Tatiana’s knowledge and love for water sports and ocean living through instruction and participation. They will be running their first Aloha Waterwomen Windsurfing Clinic together on Maui April 26th to May 2nd and running another all ladies only windsurfing clinic on Fiji starting May 28th to June 4th.

Their Aloha meets Butterfly Effect coaching week long holiday is aimed at all women of all ages from fledgling windsurfers to advanced sailors. By working together as a team Shawna and Tatiana are able to cover all levels of sailors at the same time. The week will consist of yoga in the mornings, video analysis, on land simulator work using Muscle Memory technique (where you repeat foot and hand work on land over and over again, much like learning how to dance), loads of water time where Shawna and Tatiana will move around the groups as well as work privately with every persons individual needs. On Maui we’ll have evenings out on the town and beach BBQ’s and should we have days with no wind we’ll exchange our windsurfers for Stand Up boards and go paddling and/or learn to catch small waves. On Fiji we will have great sailing on a pristine uncrowded island with relaxing island cultural experiences like Kava night, village trips, snorkeling and kayaking. Maui and Fiji are kaleidoscopes of color, natural wonder and beauty. We look forward to sailing with you and seeing you on a beach where palms do hula in the breeze and turquoise seas glisten.

On Maui we’ll be setting up base at a private guest home on the North Shore using the latest Neil Pryde/Jp stock through Vela ( and in Fiji we’ll be staying at the Safari Lodge.

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We encourage the Aloha spirit of sharing experiences and urge you to be the effect in your own life!


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