Adam Minoprio Tops The World Rankings

The Tour catches up with Adam Minoprio after his recent success of becoming ISAF
ranked number one match racer.

Congratulations Adam, you've just hit the Top of the ISAF Rankings. How does that
feel? Feels like warm apple pie.

It seems like your path to the top started at the Monsoon Cup 2007, tell us a bit
more about how you put your plan together?
3 Years ago BlackMatch Racing was a group of mates that joined together to do some
events. We ended up winning the qualifier to the Monsoon Cup 07. We did the event,
saw where we wanted to be and came up with a team plan from there of winning the
World Match Racing Tour by 2010.

You have a pretty consistent crew, talk to us about the team and how you all came to
sail together?
Most of the team have been sailing together since completing the Royal New Zealand
Youth Training Program in 2006, and it has been a great combination. Our team
consists of Dave Swete, Nick Blackman, Tom Powrie and new member Dan Mclean who
helped us out when Nick was injured and is now our 5th man. One of our strengths is
our consistent crew as we all working towards the same goal.

What issues do you have as a team and how do you overcome them?
Deciding what match racing events to do other then the World Tour can be difficult,
as they often clash with other sailing events or result in a lot of time away from
home. We tend to make decisions as a team, weighing up the pros and cons and trying
to keep everyone happy, while ensuring whatever we do will help us win the World

Who does what within the team to cover all the bases of running the project?
I organise the financial side of the team, as well as regatta entries.
Dave is our media liaison, writing daily media reports during regattas.
Nick organises our team kit, through Line 7 one of our main sponsors.
Tom ensures we all have enough of the right stuff to eat and drink at regattas, as
well as all the small bits of gear required on board such as tape and tools.

The ISAF Rankings have their idiosyncrasies, is there a way to go about getting to
the top?
Due to fact that regattas are counted over two years, it takes a year and half of
good sailing to see the results on the ISAF rankings. We had a really successful
year last year and are only now seeing the effects of that, by gaining points with
every new ranking release this year.

You are now second in the Tour after leading for the first four events. How do you
plan to get back ahead?
With two events back to back coming up, we are confident we can again have a strong
showing in St Moritz, and hope to improve on a disappointing result last year in
Denmark. As long as we are near the top going into the final event in Malaysia, we
feel confident we have a good chance of taking out the title.

There must be things that you've done on the way that you would do differently if
you had a second chance. What one piece of advice would you give to others with
aspirations of getting to the top?
When flying with Ryanair, always ensure you have checked in online and printed your
boarding pass, otherwise this can be costly at the airport.

What do you and the team do when you're not match racing to take your mind off
things, both when you're at events and between events?
At events we all enjoy a beer after racing, and between events we try to do as much
sailing as possible to further our sailing knowledge.

What about girlfriends? Living out of a suitcase can make things tricky?
At the moment I have no time for girlfriends as I am trying to do as much sailing as
possible to get my name out there in the sailing circles. My crew on the other hand
have very understanding girlfriends that let them off the leash for Match Racing
Events and more.

How did your association with ETNZ come about?
Emirates Team New Zealand had no representation on the world Match Racing Tour due
to other commitments, so we approached them hoping to change this. It benefits both
parties by lifting the profile of our team, and ensuring ETNZ is represented on the
World Match Racing Tour.

What's next? What does the future hold for BlackMatch?
Our main goal currently is to win the world Match Racing Tour, and after that who

(After 5 of 10 events)

1. Mathieu Richard (FRA), French Match Racing Team 68 Points
2. Adam Minoprio (NZL) ETNZ/BlackMatch 61 Points
3. Peter Gilmour (AUS) YANMAR Racing 56 Points
4. Torvar Mirsky (AUS) Mirsky Racing Team 54 Points
5. Ian Williams (GBR) Bahrain Team Pindar 49 Points
6. Damien Iehl (FRA) French Match Racing Team 44 Points
7. Ben Ainslie, (GBR) Team Origin 40 Points
8. Sebastien Col (FRA) French Team/K-Challenge 33 Points