"Call him 'Mich the Machine'"

Sam Davies onboard Roxy comments on Michel Desjoyeaux' victory

Today at 15:11 GMT, after 84 days of sailing solo and non-stop around
the world, French sailing legend Michel Desjoyeaux has won the Vendee
Globe for the second time. The first person in history to ever do so.
Still lying in 4th position and 2,600 nautical miles from the finish,
leading British Sam Davies has commented on the one she calls 'her
hero's' achievement:
"Every time I have been asked who my sailing hero is, I answered Mich
(as everybody calls him) Desjoyeaux. I now think that many more people
will understand why. He was always my favourite to win the race so I
felt sad for him three months ago when straight away after the start he
had to turn back for repairs. But I always knew that it wouldn't be
enough to stop 'Mich the machine'! Roxy and I have a special connection
with him because my old lady is no other than the boat he won the race
in for the first time eight years ago. Mich and I have been
communicating by email through the race and it has been very important
for me. In hard times, a little message from his Foncia would come to
Roxy and encourage me and give me motivation. He has inspired me and I
always try my best in his wake. Mich has just showed again what the
sailing world already knew, he is one of the world's best sailors of all