New Fanatic Hawk 110

December 10, 2009 @ 22:13:06   Foto Niels Patrick Geisselbrecht

Hawk LTD 10

1 AV 3

Fanatic’s best-selling blend of speed and maneuverability has won tests and
wowed riders world-over. Low-down grunt, smoking speed and a world of fast
carves and stylish slides are yours in one perfect package.
Due to a huge demand we are now producing an additional model of the Hawk in
110 liters. Like that the gap between the 100 and 120 liter models is not so big and
the range is more complete with 4 models: 100, 110, 120 & 135. Available in both
Wood Sandwich Light version (orange) and Aramid Carbon Sandwich (red LTD).
in January/February 2010.
Design Features:
- Increased center width
- 75° pintail for drag reduction, speed and easy jibing
- Reduced thickness for superior carving ability
- Double concave nose section for early planing and slicing ability through chop
- New Power V bottom combining performance and control
This new and compact shape has a wide range of use and is perfect addition to the excising sizes to complete Fanatics new Hawk
range. Having his roots in the former Super Cross discipline, the Hawk is a
powerful, performance oriented board that gets you going quickly, combined with
comfort and super maneuverability. These features make the Hawk the ultimate
Funboard allrounder.
Shaper Sebastian Wenzel explains some of the key features:
“We re-tuned the existing, super-fast Hawk rocker line and carefully analysed
the outline curves to support the overall performance. We achieved this by
providing enough area to ensure early planing with minimal drag for top speed.
The new fuller rail profiles and more tucked-under edge eliminates the chances of
catching a rail during either carving or sliding manoeuvres. The domed deck in the
tail and footstrap area provides a the smoothest ride money can buy.”


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