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Evi Tsape

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Women’s wave sailor Evi Tsape has landed herself with some new gear from F2 and North.

Greek windsurfing goddess, Evi Tsape (F2, North), had a successful year on tour in 2009 with a final ranking of fifth in waves. Now she’s reaping the rewards with a new set of sponsors for the 2010 competition season.

Tsape commented:

The change of sponsors is mainly to do with the shop which started supporting me with NeilPryde Sails in 2008. After two years on their sails, these guys, Spiros Zotos and Nikos Tziovaridis, owners of Funsports (www.funsports.gr) wanted to have me fully sponsored on their equipment. We didn’t discuss it too much about, it just happened naturally.

As well as supporting me with all my equipment, North Sails, F2 boards, and ION wetsuits, we discussed the windsurfing camps I’ve been organising in Greece these past few years, and they want to support those as well, which is great for the sport.

This decision turned out even better when Dani Aeberli from F2 offered to send in 3 boards for me. It’s the first time I’ve had such a good deal, I’ve had to pay for all of my boards up until now. So I would like to thank Dani too!

I’ve been sailing a bit in Athens already and feel really great on my new equipment. I already have the Rebel 63, Rebel 68 and Rave 71 and I believe that this range will fully cover my needs in all kinds of conditions.

I also got North Sails Ego & Ice which are very different from the NP Zones I had last year. It’s good to change gear from time to time, because you can really find your own style by handling new equipment. Overall it’s great to receive all this support and the whole renewal is also great… New colors, new feelings, everything new!”

She sounds like a happy lady. Evi has also just updated us on her plans for the winter ahead, so read all about them below.

“As you might (or might not) know, besides competing on the PWA tour  for 4 years now, I also have a normal job in Athens, where I live. I work for my father, in a ship management company. Of course I can go sailing here as well, but I also have work to do every day, and when it’s not windy I stay at the office really long hours. So I do not have the possibility to be away from Athens all winter, as most sailors do.

However, Athens is not the best place to train for waves, so I will HAVE to go away if I want to improve. It’s ok to stay here if you want to maintain the same level of sailing, but if you want to improve, you have to go away. My plan is to stay here for autumn and beginning of winter, and after Christmas do a trip or two somewhere, not sure where yet. I’ve been to South Africa twice, in February 2007 and 2008 and it was really great, but I think I would like to see and sail a different spot now. I think I might fly on a good forecast to the Canaries or Morocco, and for sure I will try to sail at more spots here in Greece. So many of the Greek islands get good conditions in wintertime, like Crete in the south of the Aegean, where I have never sailed, or Rhodes, which both have a few degrees higher temperature in winter, it would be awesome to go there. I think I will focus more on my training as spring gets closer.”

It wont be long before the tour kicks off again, so find somewhere to train soon, and good luck on tour in 2010 Evi.


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