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ASP WQS 5-Star event in Peru

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COOLANGATTA, Queensland - A great win for Jessi Miley-Dyer in the last ASP WQS event for 2009 at the Rio Surf International has cemented her place back on the ASP Women’s World Tour for 2010.

Jessi’s only previous ASP WQS win was back in 2005 at the ASP WQS 5-Star event in Peru. Jessi has now jumped from 4th to 2nd on the ratings with Coco Ho taking out the top spot just 20 points ahead of her.

Qualifiers for the 2010 ASP Women’s World Tour are the Top 6 from the ASP WQS and Top 10 from the ASP Women’s World Tour ratings.

As of the end of Rio, the ASP WQS Top 6 are Coco Ho, Jessi Miley-Dyer, Carissa Moore, Paige Hareb, Rebecca Woods and Claire Bevilacqua. However Coco, Paige and Rebecca are also currently Top 10 ASP Women’s World Tour rated, meaning that if they stay in the Top 10, the next three on the ASP WQS ratings will make the 2010 ASP Women’s World Tour.

They are Lee Ann Curren, Bruna Schmitz and Nikita Robb. I’m sure these three will be watching the ASP Women’s World Tour, hoping the others maintain their Top 10 ratings.

If one of the three were to fall out of the Top 10, then unfortunately Nikita would miss out two of them, Nikita and Bruna and all three, then Lee Ann as well.

With only three of the seven ASP Women’s World Tour events being held so far, anything could happen between now and the last event at Maui so nothing is guaranteed except that the Top 6 ASP WQSers are in for 2010.

Other possibilities are that both or one of Jessi and Bruna could also make the Top 10 of the ASP Women’s World Tour meaning they also would not need their ASP WQS rating.

This opens it for possibly Sage Erickson to get a start with Jaqueline Silva, Alana Blanchard, Amee Donohoe if they don’t make the Women’s Tour Top 10.

Lastly a remote chance, but still a possibility is that they all make the Top 10, opening it up for Bethany Hamilton to be the last in.

That’s a lot of what-ifs, so to summarize, the ASP WQS ratings Top 14 shown below shows after each name if they are current ASP Women’s World Tour or ASP WQS surfers. Run down the list of ASP WQS surfers for the possible Top 6. Any of the WT girls that fail to make their Top 10 will need their WQS rating eliminating the lowest QS surfer.

Current Top 14 WQS ratings.
Ho,Coco WT
Miley-Dyer,Jessi WT
Moore,Carissa QS
Hareb,Paige WT
Woods,Rebecca WT
Bevilacqua,Claire QS
Curren,Lee Ann QS
Schmitz,Bruna WT
Robb,Nikita QS
Erickson,Sage QS
Silva,Jacqueline WT
Blanchard,Alana WT
Donohoe,Amee WT
Hamilton,Bethany QS

Thats it for now on the women’s side of things.

Now for the men.

Simao Romao has defended his Rio Surf International title claiming his third ASP WQS career victory, defeating fellow Brazilian Bernardo Miranda in the Final.

Thirds were Brett Simpson and Rodrigo Dornelles.

Simao has moved into 49th place from 99th. Bernardo from 50th to 35th, Rodrigo from 20th to 13th and Brett from 9th to 6th.

Overall not much movement in the ratings worth noting.

Current Top 20 are:
Ross,Daniel AUS 1 14975
Andre,Jadson BRA 2 14813
Wright,Owen AUS 3 14338
Gudauskas,Patrick USA 4 13876
Melling,Adam AUS 5 13026
Simpson,Brett USA 6 12600
Wilkinson,Matt AUS 7 12150
Duru,Joan FRA 8 12050
Thornton,Blake AUS 9 11925
Logie,Travis ZAF 10 11851
Ware,Austin USA 11 11575
Payne,Dusty HAW 12 11425
Dornelles,Rodrigo BRA 13 11350
Hall,Glenn IRL 14 11200
Cardoso,Willian BRA 15 11151
Munro,Luke AUS 16 11139
Gudauskas,Tanner USA 17 11125
Atkinson,Dion AUS 18 10563
Yeomans,Nathan USA 19 10550
Jackson,Brandon ZAF 20 10431


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