Rio Surf Pro International pres. by Oakley Starts at Rio de Janeiro

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Gabriel Medina

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RIO DE JANEIROThe biggest surf contest of this year in South America started on this Monday at Arpoador Beach, Rio de Janeiro. This week in the Rio Surf Pro International presented by Oakley will be held a Men’s ASP WQS 6-Star and a Women’s ASP WQS 5-Star, the last women’s ASP WQS event of the year.

The Rio Surf Pro International presented by Oakley today saw the Men’s action with the first round hitting the water around 9am in small but clean two foot waves (0.5 metre). One of the highlights of the day was the heat with Brazilian Gabriel Medina (15), who won a Grom Event in France with two ten points rides in the final.

"It was very cool this event in France. The waves was very good there and I could show my surfing. I was happy that many people commented on about my heat and about my two scores of 10, including Mick Fanning. But now is another contest and I just want to show my surfing here in Rio, without pressure" said Medina, who in July became the youngest surfer to win a WQS Event after his victory over Neco Padaratz at Mole Beach, Florianopolis.

The Rio Surf Pro International presented by Oakley is the 32th stop of 2009 Men’s WQS Tour and the 101th in Brazil. A lot of surfers who was competing in Guaruja this weekend came directly to Arpoador. One of them is the Brazilian Diego Rosa, who competed yesterday in the quarters and today was in the water competing in the 5th heat of Round of 144.

"After a long time competing and traveling you get used to surf many heats without a break. Earlier physical stress was much higher, but these days the body has already absorbed more quickly. I was one of the last to arrive here in Rio de Janeiro and one of the first to surf this morning here in Arpoador" said Rosa, after qualifying for the Round of 96.

"I’m happy to move on. The waves are very difficult, the luck factor counts a lot because sometimes the ocean gets flat for 5, 10 minutes, so I am glad that I had enough time to wait and surf good waves”. conclued him.

The small waves of the first day of Rio Surf Pro International presented by Oakley favored the Brazilians surfers at Arpoador Beach, but some foreigners also triumphed on this Monday. One of tham was the surfer from South Africa, David Richards. "It’s always hard to dispute a heat only with Brazilians in Brazil. There are some good waves out there, but hard to find them".

"The sets are taking too long to come, but when it gives a good wave to surf is good. But it is difficult to compete in these conditions with four surfers in the water. You have to be quick and smart during the heat, if not, you dance, so I’m happy" said Richards.

The younger surfer from Porto Rico, Dylan Graves was another who found his rhythm in the waves of the Rio Surf Pro International presented by Oakley today. “I’m definitely stoked to have advanced and have caught some waves out there, the area is very short and with 3 more surfers in the competition area makes the heat very intense”.

“The vibe here in Rio seems to be good, this is my first time here and this is such a beatiful place with all this mountains, so I have no complaints, this place actually reminds me a San Juan in Puerto Rico, of course with less people, cars and buildings” commented Graves.

Arpoador Beach will receive 144 Surfers from 19 different countries, who are competing for 2.500 points and 145.000 dollars in the Rio Surf Pro International presented by Oakley. Brazil has 83 competitors, USA fifteen surfers followed by Australia (11), South Africa (8), Hawaii (5), France (3), Porto Rico (3), Spain (2), Portugal (2), Peru (2) and Mexico (2), with eight countries with one surfer each: Ireland, Japan, Tahiti, Reunion Island, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina.

WOMEN’S DECISION – In the last ASP WQS event of the year, the Rio Surf Pro International presented by Oakley, a Women’s 5 Star event will receive 48 surfers competing for the title and for a spot in ASP Women´s World Tour in 2010.

In Arpoador Beach, ten of sixteen surfers from the Dream Tour will be competing in this big event. The Women’s competition should start on Wednesday or Thursday. With twelve Brazilians in the event, three has chances to classify to the ASP Women´s World Tour and one of them is Claudia Goncalves.

"I’m stoked to still have a chance, but a lot of excellent surfers are coming here to compete, then it will be hard as hell" said Claudinha. "Certainly, for us Brazilians is a little more favorable this event here in Brazil. I’m training a lot, surfing with good boards and I will do everything possible to reach the dream tour next year" promises Claudinha.

She also commented about the victory of Brazilian Silvana Lima over Stephanie Gilmore this week in Australia. "It was awesome. I followed all the heats on the internet and Silvana was ripping. Certainly she will be the first to bring a world title for Brazil” bet Claudinha. Silvana will be one of the main attractions in Rio de Janeiro this week.


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