Brazilian Jadson Andre Shines on Day Two of Local Motion Guaruja Surf Pro

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GUARUJA, Sao Paulo – The number 1 seed of the Local Motion Guaruja Surf Pro debuted with a victory in the first heat of the Round of 96 at Tombo Beach. Jadson who lives in Guaruja advanced to the round of 48 in the first contest that he participates after confirming his qualification for the 2010 ASP World Tour.

Other surfers who are in direct competition for a spot on the World Tour also braved the rain, wind and cold waves of three-to-five feet (1 to 2 metres) which continued on this Wednesay. But the outlook is encouraging for the weekend, indicating sun and great waves to close the historic 100th WQS Event in Brazil.

“I’m stoked to get through my first heat at this contest, my goal here is to reach first place in the rankings and I can see that it will not be easy" said Jadson, which is currently in second place. "My heat was hard against three top-level athletes, Victor Ribas, Manuel Selman and Pedro Henrique, so I knew that was gonna be hard, but I’m stoked to start well, and know the business is to keep concentrating on every heat, as I have been doing this year".

Jadson has only 19 years of age and confessed that his main goal for this season was not the ASP World Tour and also that he is competing in Local Motion Guaruja Surf Pro without no presure.

"I had this goal within me, but without any pressure to do so early. When I spoke with Pinga (Jadson’s Manager), he just advised me for make my job right and the results will appear. Thank God everything went well during the year. But I’m trying not to think to much about it and only surf heat by heat, without pressure, and maybe I get on the World Tour with the title of the WQS" added Jadson.

To overcome the leader, the Australian Daniel Ross, who didin’t came to Brazil, Jadson must reach the quarter-finals of the Local Motion Guaruja Surf Pro, for that Jadson has to pass three more heats at Tombo Beach. In the second heat of the Round 96, the surfer from South Africa, Royden Bryson ripped in a solid right to receive 8,33 points (out a possible of 10) from the judges and finish in first place.

“I was lucky to get that one good wave at one good right with three big turns, It’s always good to move on in your first heat, so I really happy with that. Tthe waves has been good so far, 3-4 feet every day, this is a beatiful place and for sure will be a good week for surfing” said Bryson.

The Irish surfer Glenn Hall, current 16th placed in the ranking was relieved with his classification to the next round in Local Motion Guaruja Surf Pro. "It wasn’t my best heat, but I’m stocked to get through. These two events here in Brazil are crucial for me. I’m in the middle of a bubble and any good or bad result here change a lot of thinks to me" said Glenn Hall.

Brazilian Rodrigo Dornelles who also is close to the top 15 in the ranking, was another who surfed confident to the next round. "What matters to me at this time is pass heats, so I thought two regular waves was enough for this conditions and fortunately was. Now I will maintaining the same tactic because I really need a good result here to reach the top 15" said Dornelles.

DEFENDING CHAMPION – The champion of the Local Motion Guaruja Surf Pro in 2008, American Shaun Ward began his campaign with a convincing win in the 12th heat of the day. Two Australians were fighting for the second place with Jay Davies finishing in second and Matt Wilkinson in third with Brazilian Beto Fernandes in fourth.

"Yeah, it was hard. I was a little nervous and I knew that this heat will be tough” said Ward, who liked Tombo Beach, a different beach from last year, when he won the first edition of Local Motion Guaruja Surf Pro. "The waves here have some power, but they are really soft at the same time, very tricky, but it’s ok for me. I like Brazil and now I have two weeks to surf in this waves, so I’m glad to be here" said Ward, who arrived in Brazil in the 82th position in the 2009 WQS Ranking.


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