ASP WQS Situation Room - Monday, July 13, 2009

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Gabriel Medina (BRA)

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COOLANGATTA, Queensland (Monday, July 13, 2009) - Congratulations to ASP’s newest record maker Gabriel Medina (BRA).

By winning the ASP WQS 6-Star Maresia Surf International in Brazil yesterday, Gabriel became the youngest ever surfer to win an ASP men’s event, at the ripe old age of 15. Previous holder of this title was Nicky Wood from Australia, who won the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach back in 1988 at 16-years-old.

Gabriel out-surfed fellow Brazilian, Neco Padaratz, who at 32 is over twice Gabriel’s age. Semifinalists were Hawaii’s Dusty Payne and Aussie Matt Wilkinson, who also placed 3rd in last week’s Mr Price Pro Ballito.

While the main ASP WQS hopefuls were in Brazil, the Europeans were contesting an ASP WQS 1-Star event in Portugal, the Cordoama O’Neill Pro where Gordon Fontaine from France was able to claim his first ASP WQS victory.

Ratings movers: upwards, we see Jadson Andre take over the top spot from Dan Ross, now in 2nd. Matt Wilkinson moves from 8th to 6th , Dusty Payne 27th to 13th and Gabriel hits the ratings at 167th.

Downwards, not much damage with no one falling more than two spots in the top ranks.

Current ASP WQS Top 20 on the ratings:
Andre, Jadson BRA 1 12600
Ross, Daniel AUS 2 12225
Melling, Adam AUS 3 11989
Wright, Owen AUS 4 11338
Gudauskas, Tanner USA 5 10700
Wilkinson, Matt AUS 6 10675
Thornton, Blake AUS 7 10638
Gudauskas, Patrick USA 8 10513
Simpson, Brett USA 9 9851
Ware, Austin USA 10 9763
Duru, Joan FRA 11 9601
Logie, Travis ZAF 12 9276
Munro, Luke AUS 13 9189
Yeomans, Nathan USA 14 9063
Sedley, Leigh AUS 15 8838
Polo, Marco BRA 16 8826
Payne, Dusty HAW 17 8675
Howse, Jarrad AUS 18 8625
Zubizarreta, Gony ESP 19 8601
Atkinson, Dion AUS 20 8576

Dan Ross, Owen Wright and Dusty Payne are carrying zeroes in their respective scorelines, so are going to be the big movers over the next few major events.

By the end of the Hurley US Open, we should have a very good idea of what is needed for the rest of the year as everyone should have their best seven results with good points.


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