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Stephanie Gilmore

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BURLEIGH HEADS, Australia - The life and times of reigning two-time ASP Women’s World Champion Stephanie Gilmore (AUS), 21, are the stuff of fantasy - elaborate parties, rubbing elbows with celebs, mega-endorsements and of course, exotic surf trips. In between her impressive hometown victory at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast and her solid runner-up finish at the Rip Curl Women’s Pro Bells Beach, Gilmore jetted off to Lakey Peak to exchange jabs withs some of surfing’s heaviest hitter and Australia’s Surfing Life was there to catch all the action. This...is their story...

Tell us about the trip.
All right. ASL’s 250th trip and it’s awesome. We’ve come to Sumbawa, and to the beautiful set-ups of Lakey Peak. It’s such a short trip from Australia, two flights and you’re here. There’s a drive through some serious potholes and then you’re sitting there looking at one of the most perfect A-frames in the world.

How did you react to getting invited on this trip?
When you first asked, because it was between Snapper and Bells, I didn’t know whether to do it or get all serious and put my contest head on and not come. Then as soon as I heard who the crew was I couldn’t say know. I love watching all of those guys surf, and who doesn’t want to head to Lakey Peak for a few days of insane surfing and warm weather?

So, the token ‘you’re a girl’ question. You were just one of the crew.
Yeah, I love hanging out with the guys. It’s cool, there’s no whingeing or whining, the nails don’t come out, reeooww! Especially in the surf, the guys toy around with the waves you normally wouldn’t even look at, and you learn so much from the way they perform in the water, it’s cool.

By the end of the trip did you find yourself charging waves you might have done a double take on at the ning?
For sure. Once I saw you go over the falls on the wave of the day at Periscopes, and come up alive, it made it all worth it and I decided to take off on...


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