2009 PWA Ulsan World Cup ­ Day 2

Maj 17, 2009 @ 18:08:30   Foto PWA

Action underway here in Korea

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Day 2: All eyes turn to competition¹s third day as the wind refused to blow
on day two.

Despite a promising forecast, competition¹s second day was spent patiently
waiting for suitable conditions to arrive at Korea¹s Jinha Beach. With only
teasing gusts to work with, the standby period was eventually called to an
end at 5.45pm, with no heats completed.

In the downtime, we talked to Micah Buzianis (JP / NeilPryde / MFC) about
his recently sustained injury.

PWA: You missed slalom¹s first event of the season in Austria after
sustaining an injury in Maui. Can you tell us what happened?

MB: ³It happened about 7 weeks ago. I was wave sailing at Ho¹okipa during
the NeilPryde photo shoot and on the last day I was going over a wave, it
kinda broke as I was going over the top of it. That pushed the board back
into my body and caused my foot to go up really hard and really fast. After
getting an x-ray I found out that I¹d chipped my first metatarsal.²

PWA: Are you back to 100% fitness now?

MB: ³I feel ok. I got to sail for three days in Maui before coming out here,
but obviously that wasn¹t doing any competitive windsurfing. It hurt a bit
then, but I think I¹ll have to wait and see how it feels when I race; the
hardest part will be catching up on all the time I was off the water.
Catching up on six weeks of no sailing will take time.²

PWA: Do you think it has affected your confidence having two back-to-back

MB: ³Not really, I think both of the injuries I got were freak things. Right
now my body is in great shape, for sure I¹m getting older but I¹m not at the
stage where I have to worry about my body breaking down. I¹m still really
confident on the water, and I¹ll still be giving 100% on the race course.²

Thanks to Micah Buzianis for taking the time out to talk to us.


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