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Eurocat Carnac Brittany France

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For the 23rd edition of the Eurocat, more than 300 boats gathered at the Yacht Club of Carnac on one of the most beautiful bays in the world; the bay of Quiberon. During three days, the competitors have confronted one another, guaranteeing a beautiful show.

The regatta started on Friday 1st May with splendid weather - sun and winds around 20 knots. Concerning the F18, who were racing for the French Championship “Classic Tour F18”, 122 boats competed in 4 races. As for the C1 and C3 (160 boats), they run 5 races. Sports conditions for the first day, leading to some breakage and much tiredness for the competitors.

The second day of the regatta saw the long-awaited long distance race. After a beautiful start, the boats headed for Houat, skirting around the island for the F18 and C1 and going about La Vieille for the C3. The wind was, despite the forecasting, good and the competitors have taken much pleasure in the Bay. Noticeable arrival for the English prototype M20, with 20 minutes earlier than the following boat to cross the line.

For the third and last day of races, 2 races for the whole fleet on two courses. The start was given two hours later than planned and finally the wind raised up to 8 knots. The competitors have enjoyed their last day in Carnac with good wind conditions and sun.

The day ended with the prize giving ceremony where the best competitors were awarded.

Special thanks to marine photographer Ingrid Abery  for sending  World Sailing News this articles great gallery of photographs from the event. A jug of beer for Ingrid , bartender, please...

Overall Results:

1. NED 1204, STYLES Hugh & Van West Ferdinand
2. 11, MOURNIAC Jean-Christophe & GUYADER Alexandre
3. AUS 39, BUNDOCK Darren & ASHBY Glenn

1. GBR 188, SPROAT Chris & BURKE Georgina
2. FRA 1602, THAREAU Philippe & LECOUBLET Yaouen
3. 100, FARR Alex & NEWBOLD Macelle

1. 719, DARY Emeric & COCAUD Joris
2.FRA 837, SAINSON Sebastien & WALLE Valentin
3. FRA 818, COUPPEY Thomas & BREARD Loan


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