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April 30, 2009 @ 20:09:52   Foto PWA

Kauli Seadi

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Kauli Seadi gives us the low-down on what’s up in his world as he continues to train for the 2009 PWA wave season in Maui.

He’s the 3 x PWA World Wave Champion and the man single handedly credited with starting the twinser revolution within windsurfing’s wave fraternity. With more credentials than most rocket scientists, we thought we’d check in with the leader of windsurfing’s new school revolution to see what’s happening in his world right now.  

PWA: So what’s the low-down in Maui?

KS: "In the month of April we had lots of wind but it was lighter than march, eventually we could use the 4.5m and 4.8m sails. Waves this year have not been the greatest but good to practices jumps and to test all the new equipment.

We had a large group of Brazilian friends this year in Maui, it’s been real fun being on the water with: Konan, Brawzinho, Ian, Ricardo, Cristian, Eugenio, Marcelo, Daniel. I mean a large family! We call it the instant crowd!

Anyway, so the wind kind of gave a break from the 16th onwards, and we sailed more on the south shore, plus two epic days on the west side....probably the greatest wave I have sailed on Maui, but that only breaks a couple of times a year with the right wind direction.

We just finished the JP photo shoot today, even though we only had one day to shoot waves, we got some great pictures! Now I'm getting ready to go back home and enjoy Ibiraquera life!"

Kauli Seadi is sponsored by JP-Australia, NeilPryde, Mormaii and MFC.


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