Bad weather sounds the death knell for the regattas

April 28, 2009 @ 18:59:41   Foto Nanni Ono

Farr 40 European Championship in Sardinia

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Farr 40 European Championship in Sardinia

Nothing new during the last day of regattas at the Farr 40 European Circuit as the very bad weather on the last day prevented any regatta from taking place. The event took place in the Sardinian waters of Porto Rotondo starting from Friday, April 24. There were twelve crews coming from all over Europe and five races led to the results.
Fiamma by Alessandro Barnaba was the winner with 12 points, second even was Nerone by Massimo Mezzaroma, while Mascalzone Latino by Vincenzo Onorato finished in third position.
After being first in the ranking, by winning two times on the first day of regattas, Mascalzone Latino' s results were changeable on the second day. On Saturday three races took place with a wind blowing with gusts of 15-20 knots and a nearly slight sea; besides the first position gained in the day's second race, the crew of Vincenzo Onorato gained a sixth and a seventh position, due to a self penalization at the buoy to avoid a penalty and a bad start, and finished in third position in the general results with 16 points.
The results than did not change on Sunday as no regattas took place due to bad weather.
Already early in the morning thunderous clouds threatened the boats and their crews, that had to stop on orders of the Race Committee until 12am, when they could finally reach the regatta field. However there wasn't enough wind to sail; moreover according to the weather forecast the weather would have gone worse, so at 2pm races were cancelled.
Fiamma (1st), Nerone (2nd) and Mascalzone Latino (3rd), together with their tacticians Tommaso Chieffi, Vasco Vascotto and Adrian Stead, finished before Flash Gordon, finishing in 4th position even with Enfant Terrible by Alberto Rossi with Piero Balì as tactician (26 points).
"These were beautiful regattas" - commented Vincenzo Onorato, Mascalzone Latino's helmsman - "I am very happy Fiamma won as at present, in the Farr 40 Class, the Italians are doing the best. Alessandro Barnaba (Fiamma's helmsman) and Tommaso Chieffi (Fiamma's tactician) and their crew proved to be able to aspire to the World Championship without any problem. We hope that Joe Fly will sail again for the World Championship, so that we can see five or six Italian boats at "the top" besides all foreign crews.
Adrian Stead, Mascalzone Latino's tactician said: "This was the first Farr 40 regatta in Europe this year. It was a very good racing. Weather was a little bit tricky, forcing us not to race on Sunday, though races were very good. We were very pleased to Mascalzone, with our performance, but I made one mistake in race five and that probably cost us the regatta as we had to do a penalty turn. Maybe we're pushing a little bit, on board however the feeling was very good, we were very happy about the way we were sailing and the boat was going well, we are looking forward to using our new sails for the future regattas. I think Fiamma is always a very strong boat, for the Worlds, the Australian boats have been racing a lot during the winter so they will be very competitive, with Barking Mad, Flash Gordon, which is improving a lot, and of course Nerone, along with Fiamma, which are great competitors".
For the regattas in Porto Rotondo the crew by Mascalzone Latino was: Vincenzo Onorato (helmsman/owner), Adrian Stead (tactician), Matteo Savelli and Andrea Ballico (trimmer), Gerry Mitchell (mainsail), Tim Burnell (navigator), Davide Scarpa (bowman), Marco Cornacchia (pitman), Adriano Figone (mast) and Gaia Lusini (jolly).
Mascalzone Latino, after training in the Island of Elba, will take place in the second part of the Farr 40 European Circuit in Capri in May, 20-23 on the occasion of the Rolex Capri Sailing Week.


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