Another excellent result for Timothy Latte in the 2nd event of the Portuguese National Junior Tour

Mars 20, 2009 @ 10:46:05   Foto Rui Sá

Tim in Round 1 at Praia da Poça

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Timothy Latte had another excellent result in the 2nd event of the
Portuguese National Junior Tour Under 18, which was held at S. João do
Estoril and Guincho, this past weekend from the 6th to 8th of March.

The event was held in praia da Poça the first two days with clean conditions
but small waves (under 1meter) and was transferred to Guincho on the last
day where the conditions where pretty difficult with 1,5 meter waves,
howling winds and big currents that forced the competitors to various runs
around the beach.

With all the top Portuguese Juniors present in this event, Tim had an harder
task to get through some heats, especially in the semifinals where the
positions changed drastically during the heat.

In the best final of the event, Tim got to face 3 top Portuguese Athletes:
José Ferreira (2008 Under 16 National Champion), Vasco Ribeiro (2008 Under
18 and Under 14 National Champion) and Rui Henriques (2008 Under 14
Vice-Champion). He finished 3rd beating Rui Henriques and collected enough
points to climb to the 2nd position in the overall ratings of the 2009 Tour.

The next event will be the 1st venue of the National Pro Junior Tour held in
a beach Tim knows all to well (Matosinhos/Oporto) in the 10th and 11th of
April, but he still didn't confirm his presence.

Check out the link below for the video clip where Timothy Latte came 3rd in the National Junior under 18 in Portugal!


All fotos by Rui Sá.




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