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Februari 13, 2009 @ 16:06:50   Foto Klaas Voget, John Carter, Ralf Bachschuster & Anna Persson

Victor Fernandez

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Fanatic top riders Victor Fernandez (E-42), Klaas Voget (G-4), Jonas Ceballos (E-40)
and Marcilio Browne (BRA-105) are ready for the PWA World Cup in Cabo Verde. We have
just received some statement & pics from the four of them & wish them all GOOD

Victor Fernandez (E-42):

Have you had some days to get ready for this event? How did you get prepared?

"Yes, actually it has been a good winter for me travelling to Chile and South
Africa.I score some good swells in both places.Just a bit unlucky the last days for
me in SA cause I miss the biggest day of the trip cause of injured my ankle a bit.I
am here in Cape Verde now and I feel already quite well and looking forward to start
the contest with a lot of motivation."

Marcilio "Brawzinho" Browne (BRA-105):

You arrived here on Sal almost two weeks ago? How has it been and how do you feel on
your new boards?

"It´s been great here, we scored 4 really good days in 3 different spots of the
island. Great timing to try new gear and get tuned up. I visited Sebastian 3 weeks
ago in Lisabon and now I have the three boards we designed together here, first
tests so far really good. I am feeling good and really looking forward to have a lot
of fun in ponta preta as there is a very good forecast for this contest."

Klaas Voget (G-2):

"I got here three days ago, just after the good days Brawzinho scored. But I had
some days in South Africa in January with big waves and down the line conditions and
I feel good. Also I just received two new Boards from Sebastian and can't wait to
get them under my feet. The forecast looks like we'll get a good swell on
Saturday/Sunday with the beginning of the event and then another big one next
Tuesday/Wednesday, plus it looks pretty much windy enough every day."

Jonas Ceballos (E-40), how did you spent the last weeks to get ready for the event?
Which boards did you bring for Ponta Preta?

"I been sailing a lot in fuerte this winter I have been lucky cose I got lot of good
swell and similar conditions as Punta Preta I also have been doing lot of diferents
sports like climbing, I have spend lot of time in the mountine as well this is a
very good sport to get all body and mind in good performance and keep myself very
positive. About boards I have with me 78lt prototype that's close to the production
78l Twinser. This board I really love it,,I also did bring 72lt and 84lt production
boards to see how they are working in this perfect conditions.


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