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Tom Braidwood leads the crew in repairing damage sustained in 50 knot winds

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Green Dragon - Tom Braidwood (Trimmer)

Not great news for us, 4 hours after I had been in the bow checking for any signs of damage from slamming we had the big bang. The bulkhead back from the water tight bulkhead, cracked in 3 places, the cracks went from the hull through to the inside of the bulkhead and in all but one through the capping. The bulkhead has also parted from the hull skin oin local area around the cracks and allso the longerrtudinals coming off the bulkhead had come away from the hull also. We headed back to a safe anchorage to affect repairs arriving early that night.

During our trip to port I had sent photos to the engineer and spoken to him on the phone and discussed how best to repair with the materials we had onboard.

We had a great team of blokes rotating to help myself and Neal Mac. Starting with removing the damaged secondary bonding (carbon taping to hold bulkheads to hull) then keying up all areas needing gluing or laminating (keying up is sanding the area so the new carbon and resin can stick).

We also needed to trim up carbon plate to fit the areas we wanted to support. The carbon plate would be glues and bolted to either side of the bulkhead where it had cracked through. We had some carbon plate on board, but also needed to cut up the media desk for some extra.

Next was to measure out lengths of carbon cloth needed for each individual area. We needed to be very fast once we started laminating as we have limited resin and time to do the job and would all be done in one hit. All the carbon plate had been dry fitted, so next was to laminate and glue.

Animal and Wendy were the mixing and wet out team, Neal Mac and Justin were the gluing and bolting of Carbon plate while myself and Wendy laminated. It all ran surprisingly well, Goa kept the cameras going as well as lots of coffee which was much needed as we were all pretty tired.

We finished some time mid morning all very pleased with our effort, and were very grateful to Youngster who had started a big cook up of bake beans and sausages when he woke up.

The job got a bit of time to cure, maybe not text book stuff for sure but was hard when we left.

Neal and I took the opportunity to get rid of the carbon itch on our skin, and had a good swim and inspection of the foils. I swam over to the Delta Lloyd boys to say hi and a bit of a sticky beak.

Wendy and the lads got onto repairing the sails, plenty to do there. And we left later arvo.

Unfortunately after all the hard work the frame just broke again above all the repair work. So now we are sailing along nursing the boat yet again, with storm trysail and storm jib just trying to get to the finish line.

All very disappointed but have changed our focus on the challenge of just getting the boat there and facing the freezing condition expected. There are a few of us blokes who grew up in the southern latitudes who do not like the cold. Shore crew report -10 degrees...YOU ARE KIDDING!?!?!


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