Minds Wide Open. It is time for news och SVENSK PREMIÄR på SURFERS!!!

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After fighting cancer for 2 years I finally managed to go to brazil for 1 Month (returned yesterday). I sailed and suped every single day and it felt like the last 2 years have been just a bad dream. It really made me smile and feel good. I want to thanks every single Person out there who supported me on my long way. It is not finished yet but my brazil trip showed me that my body is still capable of having a normal and great life!


We have had several Minds Wide Open Premieres during our last few weeks. In Maui, Kiel, Jeri, Holland, England. Thanks to the people who made that happen. The overall feedback was each time: "Amazing".


We still have upcoming premiere in: Australia, Poland and this weekend in SWEDEN. Connect with us on Facebook to find out what is up to date: www.facebook.com/mindswideopen


I received hundreds of emails regarding our Minds Wide Open shipping. And believe me it was not easy to get the movie finished on time. But we did it (kind of) and shipping since 16 of November. So finally we can supply every shop, website, magazine, friend and sports person.


For more info: www.mindswideopenmovie.com


All the best and thanks for your Support, Andre





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