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Sail Racing International AB is now investing more in expanding internationally. The bold vision of reaching global markets, through already established and new projects and teams in sailing, is being given a boost as the company is extending its collaboration with sailing personality Magnus Holmberg.


Sail Racing is extending its collaboration with Magnus Holmberg, well known in international yachting and sailing circles, partly as the promoter of Match Cup Sweden and an active sailor on the World Match Racing Tour, and partly as skipper on the Swedish syndicate’s Victory Challenge in the Americas Cup 2007. Magnus has years of experience and will act as team sponsor manager and strategic advisor to Sail Racing in its contacts with international teams, projects and syndicates. Magnus is not only very experienced in terms of sailing but is also a very important member of the Sail Racing Test Team, helping to develop a number of products in the Sail Racing range. “I’ve worked with Sail Racing for many years and have had the pleasure of following the development of the brand and its products,” he says. “We’re now going to be working more closely, which is very exciting. I’m really looking forward to using my experience from sailing but also everything I’ve learned about how to build teams and major sailing projects, something that will, in all certainty, be a strength when it comes to international contacts.”


Magnus Holmberg will start working for Sail Racing from 15th of March. One of his first tasks will be to make a list of all ongoing and future international sailing projects. Employing Magnus is an important step in the company’s international investment. “I’m really pleased to have Magnus as part of our organization,” says Sail Racing’s CEO Henrik Cederqvist. “Over the years together we’ve learned lots about each other. Magnus has a wealth of knowledge and believes strongly in Sail Racing as a brand. We’re quite sure that with his commitment and experience he’ll be able to make a lot of contacts that will be crucial for us and our continued international expansion,” he concludes.


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