Monday Evening in Hobart

December 29, 2008 @ 20:18:18   Foto Photos by Daniel Forster, Rolex

Alan Brierty's Limit racing in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, 2008

1 AV 3

By 6pm on Monday evening 30 of the 94 remaining competitors in the Rolex Sydney Hobart 2008 had arrived in Hobart.

The yachts still at sea can expect some good sailing overnight, with the north westerly winds expected to hold and possible freshen during the night. 

The battle for PHS division remains to be settled on the racetrack.  The current PHS leader, Getaway-Sailing.com is in Hobart, but a number of the yachts at sea still have time to knock her off her perch.  They will need to work at it
though.  The comparatively light winds today have made it increasingly difficult for the smaller, slower boats to haul in the boats already tucked away in Hobart, but CHorseChance of Shenval, and Lloyds Brokers-Too Impetuous all remain in contention.

Even for the smallest yachts this has been a very fast race.  Typically at this time of the race the fleet would still be spread across Bass Strait, resigned to spending New Years Eve at sea.  But this year’s consistent northerly winds have all but guaranteed that all the crews will be on dry land when they crack the champagne


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