Boxing Day delights as Caffari breaks into the top ten

December 26, 2008 @ 15:58:27   Foto Photos by © Aviva Ocean Racing 2008

Dee on deck steering Aviva

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Christmas delivered for Dee Caffari yesterday as the record breaking British yachtswoman broke into the top ten of the Vendee Globe fleet for the first time. During yesterday's festivities Caffari was sailing hard and Aviva overtook fellow Brit Brian Thompson onboard Bahrain Team Pindar as she recorded the fastest 24 hour run in the fleet - over 389 miles. Her average speed reached over 15 knots as she became the fastest boat of the remaining 18 competitors in the race.

This is Caffari's debut Vendee Globe and the first time that she has entered the top ten, an unbelievable achievement for the solo skipper who is obviously revelling in the sunny Southern Ocean conditions. Helped by some morale boosting Christmas presents and speaking with her friends and family, Caffari is now heading towards the New Zealand ice gate and will look to capitalise on her new position.   

Dee's latest diary received on Thursday 25 December at 18H45 GMT:

‘Somebody was smiling at me for today as the sun shone, the sky was blue even the sea was blue and a steady 20 knots allowed Christmas Day to be enjoyable down here. I gybed at midnight, stacked the boat then opened my presents and prepared my freeze-dried Christmas Dinner.

‘Well what more can a girl ask for?  Clean knickers, chocolate and smellies. After a good baby wipe session I put on my Christmas knickers, changed my base layer and felt like a new woman. The smellies will have to wait until I am in the Atlantic again and the water is warm enough for them to be used! My Christmas dinner was absolutely delicious. I was surprised and then after devouring it disappointed to know that it was a one off from the company, Fuzion. I shall definitely be talking to them when I get back as I was so impressed and recommend it for all those that spent ages preparing the dinner at home and then had relentless amounts of washing up to do. This is real food in a packet, boil the kettle, add hot water, stir and wait ten minutes and magic. The only washing is a spoon as the packet goes in the bin! No wonder I get sent to sea for Christmas!!

‘Happy Christmas to all.'

Dee and Aviva


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