PWA Cabo Verde World Cup

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Traversa air

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With the promise of a pumping swell and fifteen knots of wind, an early skipper's briefing was held to prepare the fleet for the day ahead. But, when the conditions looked unsuitable at the legendary Ponta Preta, head judge Duncan Coombs and 2009 PWA Wave World Champion, Josh Angulo (Angulo, Gun, Dakine) decided to move the whole show to Curral Jaoul.

The Jewel Of Cabo Verde

Known for it’s epic right-hand barrels, Curral Jaoul is a surfer’s dream destination, and therefore the perfect place to hold a world-class wavesailing competition - as long as there’s enough wind to float out! At times there appeared to be enough for the heats to begin, and with logo high waves in the sets, Boujmaa Guilloul (Starboard, Severne, Mystic) lead a charge to the water.

No jewels come easy though… Without a direct launching spot, the competitors were forced to scramble over the urchin-infested reef before they could jump on their boards. Even the world’s most hardcore sailors found it difficult to get out, but once they’d made it, the reward was there.

Fight For The Final Spot

With Guilloul and friends making the conditions look spectacular, the decision was soon made to start the contest. First up though, to fill the final place in the official contest, a sail-off between two local sailors, Filomeno Carvalio and Edson Tavares took place.

The moment the green flag went up, it became very clear that those already out on the water were well rehearsed in boosting aerials off perfect lips in little to no wind, whereas these guys probably weren’t. Both sailors gave it their best shot, but their skills didn’t quite match those of the legends at the pinnacle of the sport. Carvalio met an unfortunate end with a rinsing on the rocks, and the first broken mast of the week, allowing Tavares the final spot in the contest.

And So It Continues…

Having seen Jason Polakow (JP, NeilPryde), Josh Angulo, Thomas Traversa (Tabou, Gaastra), Ricardo Campello (JP, NeilPryde), and Kai Lenny (Naish, Naish) all tearing the heart out of Curral Jaoul, it was about time for some official action. However, just as the green flag went up for the man-on-man heat between Traversa and Yann Sorlut (RRD, Simmer) the wind dropped down to nothing, forcing the organisers to abandon the heat.

Throughout the afternoon the crew made every effort to get the contest underway again, however the wind refused to build, leaving the sailors with nothing to do but ride the jewel on their SUPs and surfboards.

Eye On The Horizon

The forecast for the next two days looks very promising with a building swell and strengthening winds, so be sure to tune in for more!


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