Bernardo Miranda Takes Out ASP 6-Star SuperSurf Internacional

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Bernardo Miranda

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FLORIANOPOLIS, Santa Catarina/Brazil - The predicted swell didn’t hit the coast as strong as the organizers and surfers were hoping. But with still 2-4 feet (1 metre) waves at Praia do Santinho the semifinals and the grand final took place. Bernardo Miranda, 27, posted a fantastic win over wonder boy Gabriel Medina, 16, to win the title of ASP 6-STAR SuperSurf Internacional.

Surfing powerfully, throwing tons of water every turn, Bernardo won in Florianopolis which opens the “Brazilian Leg” of the end of year of the ASP South America. This win was Bernardo’s first in an ASP.

“I’m very happy. I’ve been waiting a long time for this and no doubt this win will help me to get rid of many personal issues,” said Bernardo Miranda, touched on the podium. “It’s a very special moment in my life and I dedicate this win to my father and my brother, both passed away two years ago. I have made other finals, without any win, but I knew my time would come. I also want to thank my sponsors, Hang Loose, Alfio (Lagnado), and all the people who have always supported me all these years.”

Bernardo Miranda also commented on his fantastic win over Gabriel Medina at Santinho Beach. “If there’s a chance you’ve got to take it. I saw my chance, and I believed I could succeed. We’ve got to believe and fight to achieve our goals. That’s what I did. Moreover, everything went right, even the sea collaborated on to not send more waves for Medina to turn the result, because we all know what he is capable of”.

Bernardo opened the final taking advantage of his powerful backhand to score a 6.33 on a lefthander. Few minutes later Gabriel Medina threw an aerial and scored 7.33 pts and turned the heat to his favor. Within 12 minutes left in the heat Bernardo Miranda gets a set wave and smashed it to post a 7.53 score just enough to put him into the lead. Then the waves just disappeared, sealing Bernardo Miranda’s win.

“Unfortunately the conditions are very difficult, strong currents, wind and the waves also did not cooperate. The Pygmy (Bernardo Miranda) is to be congratulated. He was trying, knocking on the door for some time, congratulations to him who surfed great in the Final and his win was well deserved,” said Gabriel Medina.

“I’m happy, it seems that Florianopolis gives me good lucky. Last year I had my first WQS win at Praia Mole, and this year I was semifinalist in this same event at Praia Mole and now this final here in Santinho, so great, I’m stoked for the result too”, said Medina.

In the first semifinal Simao Romao took the lead in the first minutes of the heat and using priority smartly gave not much room for Gabriel Medina to turn the heat. But only until Medina started to finish his aerials, close to the end of the heat he posted a 6.77 and a 6.47 for a total heat score of 13.24 to win.

“Certainly the Medina is a phenomenon; he’s the guy to beat in the contests today. But whenever he saw that I’m no piece of cake, so I always give him a hard time”, said Romao. “I tried to stay calm and I took the lead with a good wave of 7.0 points, but from them on I could not find a back up wave. But the kid surfed well, deserved to go to the finals and let’s go next, life goes on.”

The Brazilian Ricardo dos Santos also wanted to put Santa Catarina in the final but failed to overcome an inspired Bernardo Miranda. In this heat, Miranda took the highest score of the last day, 9.0 pts. In the final, Bernardo Miranda also had the best wave, which scored 7.53 points.

“The waves were a bit slow; I tried some modern tricks, but could not make any two maneuvers wave. If I could do an aerial and link it with a carving or a reentry, I would certainly get a high-score”, said Ricardo dos Santos. “Yet the result was good, paying off all the long work I’ve been doing during the year. Unfortunately the waves did not come for me to reach my goal which was the Finals, but I’m happy for the third place as well.”


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