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The morning of the third day of the Sardinia Freestyle Grand Prix saw a few postponements on the noticeboard. This gave the riders the chance to relax after the last exhausting days here at Porto Liscia. Finally after lunch the wind kicked in and the third single elimination got started at 2pm. The last days featured unreal conditions, close decisions and amazing performances from the EFPT riders, but today´s elimination could even top the last ones in terms of excitement.

Compared to yesterdays heavy wind, today Porto Liscia prepared the riders with perfect freestyle conditions. Sailsizes around 4,7sqm, rather flat water and sunshine were the grassroots for moves like Skopu, Switch KOno to PUneta, and it´s even harder brother the Kabikuchi, a normal stance Kono to Puneta. The semi final, heat nr. 15, saw Nicolas Akgazciyan (Starboard/Gun Sails) against Edvan Souza de Pedro (RRD/Simmer Style), and Davy Scheffers (Tabou/Gaastra) was up against Steven van Broeckhoven (F2/Gaastra). Nico showed a very fluent and stylish heat, and therefore succeeded over Edvan. Davy could pressurise Steven already in the last two days, but in the end Steven always was victorious over his close friend. Not today. Davy was super motivated after he kicked out French rider Antony Ruenes (Tabou/Vandal Sails). This success left him very self confident for the upcoming heat against Steven. The young dutch rider took a lot of risk and could win, for the very first time, a single elimination on the European Freestyle Pro Tour. Steven´s heat against the solid sailing Brazilian Edvan Souza de Pedro was maybe his best heat so far. After losing the semifinal he was on fire. Judges and audience saw a great variety of moves, underneath them a burner, switch and normal stance Konos, and the Kabikuchi. No one before nailed this move in a competition. Also Edvan performed really well today, sailing focused yet with a lot of passion, but had no chance against Steven.

The single elimination was finished at 04.45pm, so the race crew decided to start the double elimination. As the weather forecast for tomorrow predicts wind again, the goal was to go until heat nr. 27. This leaves 8 or 9, if we need a superfinal, heats for tomorrow. Still on the list for the victory in the third double elimination are: Meir, Zan, Fabrizi, Promponas, Ruenes, da Silva, Bestetti, Bosson, de Pedro, van Broeckhoven, Akgazciyan and Scheffers. 


Finishing the third double elimination opens a discard elimination for every rider. That means their worst result will not count for the overall result of the event. The Sardinia Freestyle Grand Prix remains exciting on it´s 3rd day, and we are sure to see mind-blowing heats again on the 4th and last day of the event at Porto Liscia.

The last days have taken it´s toll on some riders. Feets are bleeding, muscles are tired and we also had to bring one rider to the ambulance. Chico Bento, who was sailing very strong in yesterdays´s double elimination, got injured already a few days before the event, but decided to compete. Today, in his heat against van Broeckhoven, he finally had to give in to too much pain coming from an impaired rib. The latest knows we have say that he is up on his feet again, but will most probably not take part in the competition tomorrow. All the best from our side, Chico!


For tomorrow the skippers meeting is again set for 9.00am.


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