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The first day of the Sardinia Freestyle Grand Prix began with the registration at 8am and ended up with a cool Ichnusa for everybody at about 5pm. If you wanna find out what happened in between sit down, relax and be prepared that your mouth forms a big O.

The first heat was sailed at 10.15am. Porto Liscia featured a beautiful long sand beach, sun all day long and wind wind wind. Throughout the single elimination riders were using sailsize down to 4.0sqm, and the wind still left a lot of them part time overpowered. Race director Tom Hartmann also made the speaker, and the words “huge“ and “ooohhh crash“ were part of almost every heat. 32 riders sailed on a realy high level. The Italian audience saw big front loops, fast sliding moves and, as said before, some hard crashes. The dominating riders from the single elimination were Davy Scheffers (Tabou/Gaastra) from the Netherlands, “Frenchy“ Antony Ruenes (Tabou/Vandal Sails), Sardinia local “Gigi“ Madeddu (Fanatic/North Sails) and of course the EFPT champion ´09 Steven van Broeckhoven (Tabou/Gaastra) from Belgium. Although a lot of riders like Yarden Meir (Fanatic/Simmer), he was doing fast and clean double spocks, Andy Lachauer (JP/Neilpryde) and local Mattia Fabrizi (Fanatic/North Sails), he is going to be the next Raimonde Gasperini,hehe, performed amazing, it was in the end the bespoke 4 who could impress the audience and judges most. At about 12.45 Davy Scheffers and Steven van Broeckhoven battled out the finals of the single elimination. Davy made the pace. He took a lot of risk doing a Skopu and Spock into Kono. Steven was on the same difficulty level, but could gain some extra points with his explosive sailing style. Belgian Steven van Broeckhoven won the first Single elimination on Sardinia.

There was not much time to rest for the EFPT fleet. At 2pm the double elimination got started. The first heats were sailed with sailsize around 4.5sqm, and later had to be exchanged by 4.0sqm and smaller. Stam Promponas (Fanatic/Vandal Sails) coped well with the strong wind conditions and made his way through the double elimination ladder. High one handed Burners brought him a lot of self confidence, which resulted in a very stylish performance. After sailing 7 heats in row, he finally got stopped by Antony Ruenes. Stam was just really out of power, and for sure is going to sleep well tonight. Antony did maybe the move of the day. He often tried a no handed Funnel, and could land it twice in the competition. When he came in from the heat with Stam, he was super happy about his performance. Although the high level of the competition was pretty dense. Two riders were sticking out. Davy Scheffers and Steven van Broeckhoven made out the final of the double elimination underneath them. Both had a long waiting period because of the position from the single elimination. They were still fresh and therefor could show some big moves. From front loops to new school combinations everything was on their list. The big Belgian Steven van Broeckhoven and the, at least compared to Steven, rather tiny Davy Scheffers couldn´t be more different. The close friends, and often travel mates, know each other by heart. Even though they are sailing against each other for the victory of an event, and the appropriate price money, it always looks like two buddies out for a training session. They push each other in every move during the heat, and as soon as they are on the beach again, they clasp each other in their arms. Steven van Broeckhoven could win the first double elimination on the Sardinia Freestyle Grand Prix, and of course his first congratulant was Davy Scheffers.

For tomorrow we promised you 60 knots, and so far, we believe, we are going to fulfil our statement. Riders are now preparing themselves for dinner in the “Ectasy Bar & Restaurant“, and will attend the skippers meeting tomorrow at 9am.


Result after the first double elimination (we write “the first“, ´cause we know that there are two more coming, hehe) 



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