Ratings Race Heats Up Entering ASP Grade-3 Arnette Pro Junior

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Nat Young
Nat Young

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NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA - The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Grade-3 Arnette All Day Antics Pro Junior presented by Jack's Surfboards is set to host America's finest up-and-coming competitive pedigree between 54th and 56th street in Newport Beach, California from June 5-6, 2010.

With all competitors out to finish within the top four on the ASP North America Pro Junior Series after the fifth event on this season's calendar to qualify for the inaugural ASP World Junior Tour, the Arnette Pro Junior's ASP Grade-3 status will offer crucial ratings points towards competitors' qualification hopes to strive for the title of ASP World Junior Champion.

Andrew Doheny (Newport Beach, CA), 17, who is a local favorite entering the Arnette Pro Junior, will be entering the event at his home break after his inaugural ASP Pro Junior victory at Lower Trestles last month and is out to carry his momentum to Newport.

"Winning the last pro junior contest at Lowers definitely helps my confidence going into the Arnette Pro Junior, but I still have to give it everything I have," Doheny said. "I felt like I got lucky at Lowers."

Although Doheny hopes the support of the local crowd will loan him additional momentum in his quest for back-to-back ASP North America Pro Junior Series event wins, the stylish regular-footer knows he has little advantage in the lineup due to Newport's often tricky conditions.

"The local support helps but there's not much local knowledge when it comes to Newport," Doheny said. "The wave is just a closeout most of the time."

Doheny, who is currently sitting in the No. 2 position behind current ratings leader Evan Geiselman (New Smyrna Beach, FL), 16, knows that the a solid result at the upcoming Arnette Pro Junior will play a crucial role in his hopes of qualification for the ASP World Junior Tour.

"This event's Grade-3 points mean a lot for sure," Doheny said. "I'm going to try my best and let that take me where it wants to."

Nat Young (Santa Cruz, CA), 18, who is the defending Arnette Pro Junior Champion and the reigning ASP North America Pro Junior Series Champion, has been dialing in his equipment to suit Newport's beachbreak and hopes to capitalize on the spread out lineup at the upcoming event.

"I think Newport is a really fun wave for a contest," Young said. "There are peaks all over so you can kind of sit off on your own and at the moment I have boards that work really well in those punchy beachbreaks and hopefully there is a little swell for the contest."

Although the defending champion is well aware of the event's substantial ratings points on offer, his main focus of qualifying for the ASP World Junior Tour by way of the PRIME and Star events relieves the pressure of a repeat performance at this year's ASP Grade-3 event.

"Since this contest is a Grade-3 you definitely want to do well here," Young said. "I have already missed the first two events, so a win here could do a lot for me. Since I'm going try and qualify for Worlds (The World Junior Championships) through the Star and PRIME series, I feel like I have less pressure in the pro juniors, and I can just surf and have fun and do my best."


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